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   Chapter 898 The Hufu (Part One)

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The faces of Du Houjun and his sister were a little pale, and Yun Shang felt a little pity for them. She just remembered that Luo Qingyan had told her before that except for the second place, the other two were his people.

Yun Shang looked up at Luo Qingyan and saw that he looked as usual, so she didn't say anything.

After thinking for a while, Xia Huanyu smiled and changed the topic, "All right. Just forget it. The Crown Prince is always cold and expressionless. He has frightened others all the time, but he doesn't know it yet. I heard that in addition to dancing, there are also some folk acrobatics today. Liu Wenan, call them in and let us have a look. "

Liu Wenan nodded and clapped his hands. Then a group of people with face paintings came in, but they were all ugly, not like the ones in a play. The last few people were much taller than the others, and they came in on stilts.

Yun Shang had heard about the coastal areas before. In order to make it convenient for fishing, many people had mastered the skills of fishing on high legs. However, Yun Shang had never been to the seaside, and it was the first time for her to see such a performance. She admired them very much when she saw them stepping on the tall wooden pole like walking on the ground.

The joyful music rang, and the acrobatic artists on the stilts danced with it. Some of them held torches in their hands and started to spit out the fire. Some of them kept throwing iron rings. Some of them were folding Arhats together, almost reaching the beams of the hall.

Everyone was watching intently, so was Luo Qingyan. But Yun Shang always felt that he was not concentrated, but in a daze.

A flame

only to find that they were all dead.

"The poison is really strong," Yun Shang frowned.

Xia Huanyu frowned and raised his voice, "Search them for anything that represents their identity."

The secret guards answered and reached out to search for the assassins, but found nothing.

Someone in the hall came to his senses and said, "Your Majesty, just now I heard the assassin's leader shout, but it sounded like the accent of the State of Yelang. I'm afraid they are from the State of Yelang."

They were the bachelors of the Imperial Hanlin Academy.

The people in the Imperial Hanlin Academy were the most knowledgeable and their words were very convincing. Not only one of them heard the roar just now, but everyone nodded and began to whisper.

Li Qianmo stood up and said, "Recently, someone from another city came to buy a lot of medicinal materials in Jin City, and someone bought a lot of good horses in the racecourse on the outskirts of the city. It is said that his accent is also like that of the State of Yelang."

Yun Shang thought to herself, 'Li Qianmo knows how to seize the opportunity.'.

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