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   Chapter 858 Pretending To Be Drunk

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Yun Shang nodded slightly, smiled and said, "Grandpa and grandma have been working hard for the Hua family all these years. Now that it's time for you to have a good rest and enjoy the fun with all the children and grandchildren around."

Lady Hua Guo chuckled, "Yes. Now that both you and Ling'er are fine, I'm relieved."

After chatting with Lady Hua Guo for a while, Luo Qingyan saw a servant of Luo Qingyan come in. "Your Highness Crown Princess, the seventh Prince is here. He is clamoring to see the little prince in the garden..."

Yun Shang frowned and wondered what Xia Houjing was going to do. He looked respectful to Luo Qingyan today, but everyone knew what he was thinking now.

"The seventh Prince are not easy to get along with. He is too scheming. You'd better not let Bao'er get in touch with him. I fear that he will do something to Bao'er." Lady Hua Guo suggested in a hurry.

Yun Shang thought for a moment and said, "He hasn't broken up with us in front of the Emperor and all the officials. If we refuse him, it will be a little unreasonable. As His Highness has just become the Crown Prince, he has to leave a good impression on the officials. Since the seventh prince has proposed to see Bao'er in front of everyone, it would be unwise for him to hurt Bao'er. It's not easy for him to poison Bao'er in front of me. Besides, I have put pills on Bao'er to protect him from being poisoned, so he should be safe."

Lady Hua Guo thought for a while and realized that she had overreacted. She nodded and said, "be careful."

Yun Shang replied. Then she looked up and said to Lady Hua Guo, "Grandfather is drinking outside. If you are sleepy, you can take a nap in the room."

After Lady Hua Guo agreed, Yun Shang went out with Bao'er, Qin Yi and the wet nurse, and headed for the garden.

The garden was full of hustle and bustle. A group of people were toasting to Luo Qingyan. Luo Qingyan must have drunk a lot. Although he looked fine, he glanced at a spot from time to time.

The seventh Prince were sitting next to Luo Qingyan and called him "Your Highness Crown Prince" in delight.

"When Your Highness was conferred the title of the Crown Prince, I was still at the border. It's my fault that I didn't have time to congratulate you. I'll punish myself by drinking a glass of wine. Fortunately, I'm on time for my nephew's full moon party today, or I will really regret to death. Good things come to Your Highness in pairs. I drink one glass, and you'll have to drink three glasses." Xia Houjing laughed, raising his head and drinking up a glass of wine.

Hua Yutong also came with Hua Yutong. She sat aside and talked to the woman next to her, but her eyes occasionally swept in the direction of the seventh Prince.

Yun Shang paused for a moment. She could lie to her, but the feeling in her eyes couldn't. Hua Yutong must have fallen in love with the seventh Prince.

Yun Shang withdrew her look and walked to Luo Qingyan with a smile. She glanced at the seventh Prince and said softly, "Your Highness,

et out a soft "hiss". Yun Shang was afraid that she would really hurt Luo Qingyan, so she quickly let go of Luo Qingyan.

But then she heard Luo Qingyan's chest shake slightly, followed by laughter.

Yun Shang frowned and raised her head to stare at Luo Qingyan. Luo Qingyan's eyes were clear. Except for the heavy smell of alcohol, he didn't look drunk at all. "You always bully me."

Luo Qingyan hugged Yun Shang with a smile and said gently, "If I don't bully my wife, who should I bully?"

Yun Shang snorted and said nothing. Luo Qingyan suddenly turned over and pressed Yun Shang under him. His eyes flashed with evil and attractive light. "Well, I heard that it would be particularly happy to do that when you were half drunk and half awake. When they came to propose a toast to me just now, I thought I might as well take this opportunity to have a try with my wife."

Yun Shang's eyes widened and her face flushed. "What are you talking about?"

Luo Qingyan loved to see Yun Shang being shy. He laughed and covered Yun Shang's body. His face was close to Yun Shang's. He said in a lower voice, "Shang'er, don't you like to do that with me? Huh?"

The sound of "huh" was so sentimental that Yun Shang even had goose bumps on her back. She shook her head like a rattle, "no..."

Luo Qingyan chuckled again, "So you like it?" Then he bent over and kissed Yun Shang's lips.

A strong smell of alcohol came in. Yun Shang felt it so strong that she was almost drunk.

But it was daytime and there were so many guests in the mansion. Lady Hua Guo was still resting in the yard, and Luo Qingyan was going to do something reckless. Yun Shang certainly wouldn't agree. Then she tried to break free from Luo Qingyan and escaped.

But before she got out of bed, she was pulled back by Luo Qingyan. Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang in his arms with one hand and said with a faint smile, "Hmm? You want to run away? Where else can you go except in my arms? Huh?"

As he spoke, he put down the curtain with the other hand...

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