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   Chapter 854 The Incident In The Palace

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"Don't move!" in a panic, Xia Huanyu's voice suddenly came up like a thunder, "Whoever dares to take a step forward or shout again will be killed."

The chaotic garden quieted down in an instant.

Xia Huanyu turned to Luo Qingyan and asked, "Which place is the most conspicuous in the Crown Prince's Mansion?"

Luo Qingyan turned to Yun Shang. The smile on Yun Shang's face was still faint, as if the sounds outside had disappeared. She replied, "Your Majesty, the Pavilion across the street is the highest and most eye-catching."

Xia Huanyu nodded and turned to look at the people in the garden. He asked, "Aren't they going to kill me? I will go to the most conspicuous place in the Crown Prince's Mansion then. If they have the ability, just come and kill me. Show me the way... "

Luo Qingyan nodded, turned to the guards around and said coldly, "You all stay here to protect everyone." Then he got on the boat with Yun Shang and went to the pavilion on the other side.

Everyone saw that Xia Huanyu, Empress Hua, Luo Qingyan and Yun Shang, who was holding her baby, slowly climbed to the pavilion. The cries of killing were still going on outside, but Lord Hua Guo laughed. "They've shouted for so long, but no traitor has come in. It seems that there's been lots of thunder but little rain. Since his majesty is not afraid, what are we afraid of? As a drinker, why should we be afraid of wine?"

With guards around, everyone felt a little relieved and sat down. Only some women trembled and their faces turned pale, as if they were extremely scared.

An hour later, the cries of killing continued. It seemed they were around the Crown Prince's Mansion. However, just as Lord Hua Guo said, no one came in from the beginning to the end.

Lord Hua Guo's face darkened.

He felt something was wrong. It sounded there were a lot of people outside, but why didn't they make a move? If they were afraid of the guards of the Crown Prince's Mansion, why did they make a bluff outside? Was it just to frighten them?

Thinking of these, Lord Hua Guo couldn't sit still any longer. He stood up and said to Lady Hua Guo, "I'll go out to have a look."

Knowing what kind of person he was, Lady Hua Guo didn't stop him. She just nodded and said, "Be careful. Bring more guards with you."

Before Lord Hua Guo walked out of the garden, he saw a man dressed like a guard rushing over and shouting, "Bad news! Bad news! The rebellious army has entered the palace and the city is surrounded by them."

Everyone was shocked again, but they tried to behaved themselves in front of the guards. They could only whisper and dare not make loud noises. Lord Hua Guo pulled out the sword from the guard's waist and stabbed it into his chest. The guard's eyes widened. He fell to the ground and died before he knew what happened.

Lord Hua Guo sneered and said in a loud voice, "I've been in the court for so many years, but I've never seen a guard wearing cloth shoes. I'm afraid you don't have time to change your shoes. Don't be deceived or flustered. I'll go out to have a look. Both the imperial and the palace guards we

forgive me, your majesty." They screamed, begged for mercy and cried.

The smile on Su Ruji's face became colder. She pinched a mark on the rosewood with her pointed finger and said, "I hate to see in my territory the stuff of other people's."

A voice came from the door, "Your Highness, his majesty ordered you to go to the Taiji Palaceas soon as possible."

"Your Highness?" Su Ruji couldn't help laughing out, but her laughter was somewhat cold. "I have worked so hard to plan, but I didn't expect that I would be demoted in the end. What a joke."

But in the end, she didn't smile at all.

Su Ruji raised her hand to straighten her dress and said indifferently, "Father asked me to look for the imperial seal?"

The guard quickly replied, "Yes."

Su Ruji nodded and glanced at Weiyang Palace for the last time. Then she said indifferently, "Let's go." Then she stepped out of the main hall of Weiyang Palace.

When they arrived at the Taiji Palace, Su Qi had already taken off his hat. He was amazed at the pattern of Nine Dragons carved in the sky on the wall behind the dragon throne. He clicked his tongue and a greedy look flashed through his eyes.

Su Ruji glanced at his back and walked into the hall with a smile, "Father."

It was not until then that Su Qi put down his hand and restrained his expression a little. He turned around and smiled warmly. "Ruji is here? Tell me, where is the imperial seal? "

The desire in Su Qi's eyes was too strong. Su Ruji lowered her head and said coldly, "Father, you've been there for so long. Why haven't you found the imperial seal yet? The jade seal is in the wall you touched just now. "

Hearing this, Su Qi's eyes suddenly lit up. He turned his head back, carefully touched the wall carved with flying dragons in the sky, and after a long time, he asked, "No?"

Su Ruji slowly walked up the steps and stood beside the Dragon chair. She stretched out her hand to touch the Dragon bead in the dragon's mouth on the armrest of the chair. After she gently turned around, the wall suddenly moved away slowly.

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