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   Chapter 850 The Mysterious Man In The Ice Cellar

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"Bao'er, do you think your grandma is amazing? Even she has lost her memories, she is still so capable." Yun Shang kissed Bao'er forehead and touched his yellow hair. She smiled and said, "Bao'er's hair doesn't look good, I'm afraid it's because of the premature birth."

Hearing this, Qin Yi chuckled and quipped, "I've never seen a mother dislikes her own baby like Your Highness. He is too young now. We could ask someone to shave his lanugo when he is one month old, and then his hair will grow better."

Just as she was speaking, she saw the new maid Hua'er running in in a hurry. Her face was full of horror. "Your Highness, Your Highness, bad news! Bad news..."

Hua'er had only been here for two days, but Yun Shang had gotten used to her dramatic character. "What's wrong?" Yun Shang asked without any expression on her face.

Hua'er hurriedly said, "I was about to fetch some ice from the ice cellar to make some mung bean soup for the Crown Prince. After entering the ice cellar, I found a person sleeping in it."

"Someone is in the ice cellar?" Yun Shang was surprised. "A man or a woman? Have you ever seen the person before? Do you know the person? Are you sure he is sleeping, not losing consciousness because of the cold? "

Hua'er swallowed and said with horror in her eyes, "It's a man, but he is so horrible. He has white clothes and white hair, and his skin was so white it looked almost transparent. His eyebrows and eyelashes are frosted. But his breathing is steady, and he doesn't seem to pass out because of the cold..."

He was a man with white clothes, white hair and almost transparent skin. And he could even sleep in the ice cellar.

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. The only one she could think of in the world was...

"Doctor Xue Yan?"

Qin Yi, who was standing aside, was also a little surprised. "You mean the master who lives in the Changbai Mountain? Why is he in the State of Xia? Did the Crown Prince invite him here?"

Yun Shang frowned. She couldn't think of any other reason.

However, Doctor Xue Yan had to live in an extremely cold place. Why dis Luo Qingyan ask him to come here? Was someone ill?

Yun Shang couldn't figure it out, but she couldn't go to the ice cellar as she was still in her confinement of childbirth. So she had to keep this doubt in her heart and waited for Luo Qingyan to come back.

"I heard from Hua'er that there is a man in our ice cellar. According to her description, the man seems to be Doctor Xue Yan. HaS he been invited here by Your Highness? Who is sick?"

Luo Qingyan took the green bean soup from Hua'er, put it aside, and said softly, "No one is sick. I just want to invite him to see if he can help Empress Hua regain her memory." As he spoke, he took off his court robe and handed it to Qin Yi. Then he rolled up his sleeves, picked up the green bean soup and took a sip.

Hearing Luo Qingyan's words, Yun Shang was still a little confused. "Empress Hua is fine now. Why does she have to restore her memory? Is it the Emperor's order?"

Luo Qingyan shook his head and smiled at Y

uji had come to the Jin City. I think they probably want to make a move at the full-moon-birth banquet. But it's impossible for us not to hold the banquet because of this. We must strengthen the security and check the people of the theatrical troupe when they enter the mansion. "

"If there are knives and spears among the props of the theatrical troupe. Ask them to change into wooden ones. Melt the silver and brush a layer on the wood. It will look like the real ones."

Qin Yi nodded and replied.

When Luo Qingyan returned to the room, Yun Shang had already lain down. Luo Qingyan asked someone to fetch water and bathe before lying down beside Yun Shang. Yun Shang turned to Luo Qingyan and asked, "Has His Majesty punished Lady Shu for the poison case?"

Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang in his arms and said softly, "Of course. His Majesty cherished Empress Hua so much. Even if the evidence is not sufficient, the emperor will not allow anyone to hurt Empress Hua. I don't know how His Majesty deal with it, but there is no Lady Shu in the Palace now."

Yun Shang was surprised, "Is the culprit really Lady Shu?"

Luo Qingyan neither nodded nor shook his head. After a moment's silence, he said, "Li Qianmo and I are still investigating. There are few clues we can get now, so we can only start with herbs."

Yun Shang nodded. After a moment of silence, she said softly, "Maybe you could investigate the Imperial Astronomer."

Luo Qingyan fixed his eyes on Yun Shang. Yun Shang smiled and said, "The pestilence broke out just after the Imperial Astronomer talked about the comet thing. I don't think that these two things have nothing to do with each other. Besides, I'm interested in the position of the Imperial Astronomer.

"Why?" Luo Qingyan said softly.

Hearing this, Yun Shang smiled. "Your Highness, don't you think that if we choose a capable one to be the Imperial Astronomer, he might be highly respected by the people just like Master Wu Na in the State of Ning. In this way, he can be used to do a lot of things for us."

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