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   Chapter 843 The Abnormal Vision (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5470

Updated: 2020-05-20 00:22

Yun Shang said while looking at Tai An pitifully, "Your former Crown Prince was set up by the seventh Prince and Cangjue Qingsu in the prison of the State of Ning. He was bewitched by the scent of Buddha and then burned to death. I heard that two lovers can meet each other in Heaven if they die in the same way. Since you miss him so much, why don't I fulfill your wish and let you live happily with him? "

Without waiting for Tai An's response, she raised her head and ordered, "Guards, it's a hot and dry today. Princess Tai An's mansion is on fire. Hurry up and put out the fire."

The secret guards quickly responded and dragged the pale faced Princess Tai An out of the room. But this time, Princess Tai An didn't make any noise. She was unusually quiet.

When Luo Qingyan returned home, Yun Shang was taking a nap with Bao'er in her arms. Bao'er was obedient. He had already woken up, but he didn't make any noise. He just silently bit his fingers. Seeing that Luo Qingyan was staring at him, he smiled and clapped his hands, looking very happy. As Luo Qingyan was still looking at him, he stretched out his hand, as if asking for a hug.

Luo Qingyan stared at him for a long time before he slowly looked away with a bit of coldness and toughness in his eyes.

Bao'er saw his father's coldness, pursed his lips as if he was about to cry. But Luo Qingyan ignored it and turned around to leave the room Then, Bao'er's cry came out from the room. Luo Qingyan stopped, but didn't turn around.

At dinner time, a maid came to invite Luo Qingyan. Then he went back to South Yard. Yun Shang had already sat at the table, but Bao

er confinement of childbirth, so she refused all the gifts. However, many people still left the gift boxes at the door and left in a hurry. Yun Shang didn't push them away, and ordered to put away the ownerless presents. She sorted them out one by one and asked Luo Qingyan to find an opportunity to donate them to the national treasury.

In the past few days, the Jin City was very quiet. Except for the sudden fire in Princess Tai An's mansion that day. Princess Tai An died in that fire, too. As Princess Tai An had always been domineering, after a few days of conversations in the Jin City, her story gradually calmed down.

However, the peace did not last long. Only a few days later, something happened.

There was a pestilence outside the Jin City, and soon the pestilence spread to the whole Jin city. The Imperial Astronomer asserted that this abnormal phenomenon was because a disaster star had fallen in the the State of Xia, and the disaster star had moved into the Jin City, causing the disaster. All the signs pointed to Empress Hua, who had just returned to the palace.

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