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   Chapter 826 Conflict

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Yun Shang turned around and glanced at the midwife indifferently. Without saying anything, she took the ginseng slice out of Lin Youran's mouth and threw it aside. She said loudly, "Somebody, pull down these midwives and all the maids in the room and kill them with cane."

The midwives were stunned. The one in the lead shouted, "Your Highness, what do you mean? What did we do wrong? Even if you want to kill us, you have to give us a convincing reason, right?"

Yun Shang pressed her lips tightly and didn't respond. She just stretched out her hand to take Lin Youran's pulse, and then uncovered the quilt to check, frowning more tightly.

Seeing this, another midwife was a little unhappy and shouted, "This is the imperial Palace. Do your highness think you are in your own mansion? We are all working in the Palace. Even if we have to be punished, it's not your highness's turn to do it..."

While they were talking, several guards rushed in, grabbed the midwife and the maids who had been standing in the room, and pulled them out. For a moment, the screams in the room almost overturned the entire Xiangzhu Palace.

Yun Shang asked Qin Yi and Qian Zhuo to look after Lin Youran in the inner hall before she followed them out. When Yun Shang came out of the hall, she saw Lady Shu standing up with a pale face and Luo Qingyan standing aside with a cold expression. Yun Shang knew that Luo Qingyan and Lady Shu must have quarreled just now. After all, as the midwife said, she was indeed not qualified to order the guards in the Palace. But since Luo Qingyan was here, everything was fine.

Lady Shu snorted and looked at Yun Shang, "What do you mean, Lady Rui?"

Yun Shang smiled slowly and said coldly, "They murdered the royal child and intended to murder the imperial concubine. According to the rules of the Palace, they should be punished to death with a stick, shouldn't they?"

"It seems that your highness's action is inappropriate. Even if it is the truth, there is still someone to deal with it, let alone there is no evidence yet." Lady Shu's face darkened.

"Your highness, you are wrong. Just now, those evil servants said that Lady Hui was experiencing premature labor and also had some difficulties giving birth. I checked her just now. It was clear that her amniotic fluid was not broken, so how could have a premature birth? It was obvious that someone wanted to murder the royal child maliciously. These bad servants not only didn't report the situation, but also tried to push the baby out directly, which caused the baby suffocated to death. And Lady Hui had lost too much blood and nearly died. If I hadn't been here today, I'm afraid that she would have died." Yun Shang stared at Lady Shu and said slowly and clearly.

"Your highness, don't you think such vicious servants shouldn't be punished to death?"

Lady Shu opened her mouth and was about to say something, but was interrupted by Luo Qingyan. "Although it's a matter of the imperial household, it's also a matter of the Emperor's heir which related to the state. Since his majesty has asked me to

g, "I see."

Yun Shang's words were a little abrupt. Qian Yin's eyes were full of doubts, but Yun Shang didn't give her any more explanation. She lay down again and said, "I'll overturn their den when I wake up."

Qian Zhuo stared at Yun Shang blankly. After standing by the bed for a while, she heard Yun Shang's breath becoming lighter and slower. Qian Zhuo took a look at Yun Shang who had fallen asleep. She kept silent for a while and left.

Yun Shang slept for a long time. When Luo Qingyan returned home, she was still sleeping. Luo Qingyan asked in a low voice, "Have her highness had dinner?"

Qin Yi hurriedly shook her head and said, "No. when she came back this morning, Her Highness seemed to be very sleepy. She lay down without having breakfast. She has been sleeping till now."

Qian Yin shook her head and said, "Her highness woke up once and shouted "I see". I came in and asked her what happened, but she just smiled and didn't say anything. Later she said that she would overturn their den when she woke up. I was confused, but when I was about to ask, her highness fell asleep again."

"Did her highness somnambulate?" Qin Yi asked hurriedly.

Qian Zhuo thought about the situation at that time and shook her head with uncertainty. "No, it's not like that. her highness seems to be very sober."

Luo Qingyan looked thoughtfully at the woman sleeping quietly on the bed, and then turned to Qin Yi and Qian Zhuo, "What did you encounter when you came back this morning?"

Qian Zhuo frowned and thought for a while. She shook her head and said, "Nothing special. This morning, when we got out of the Palace, the guard asked us to show him the token, and then let us go out of the gate. After that, we went straight back to our mansion."

After Qian Zhuo finished her words, Qin Yi added, "When we were at the gate of the Palace, I heard a servant chatting with the guard. Your highness seemed to have listened to them and seemed to be thinking something all the way."

"Oh?" Luo Qingyan raised his eyebrows, "What did they say?"

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