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   Chapter 821 A Test (Part One)

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When she was lost in thinking, she suddenly heard some noise, as if some people were quarreling. Yun Shang looked up and saw that Qin Yi had just walked to the window and opened it. "Eh?" Qin Yi uttered. Yun Shang turned to look at her. Qin Yi turned around and said, "Your Highness, it's the seventh princess."

Hua Yutong? Yun Shang was a little surprised. She stood up and walked to the window. She saw Hua Yutong standing beside the carriage impatiently. Her maid seemed to have a conflict with the person opposite, and both of them were arguing fiercely.

"Isn't the man who clashed with the seven princess Su Ruhai?" Qian Zhuo frowned and asked in a low voice, looking a little surprised.

"Su Ruhai?" Yun Shang frowned and turned to ian Zhuo, "Are you sure?"

Qian Zhuo nodded and said softly, "I've checked in Lingxi City before. It's Su Ruhai. Has Su Ruhai returned to Jin City? "

Yun Shang squinted. Qian Zhuo might not know, but Yun Shang was very clear about it. In order to pull Su Ruji out of the Empress' position, she had sent a message to Luo Qingyan, asking him to make some false evidence of Su Ruhai's rebellion and send it to Xia Huanyu. Generally speaking, Su Ruhai was to be taken back to the Jin City. Treason was not a small crime. Now that Su Ruji and Su Qi had assassinated the Empress Hua together, the Su mansion would definitely be implicated. How could Su Ruhai appear here at this time?

"Qian Zhuo, you take some people with you and follow him," Yun Shang ordered in a low voice

Qian Zhuo nodded, and Yun Shang shouted to outside, "Yutong..."

Hua Yutong must have heard it

s cleaning up the old things in her room. I saw a colorful glazed vase with an official's picture, so I got it from Lady Hua Guo and was about to take it home for fun. I was playing with the vase in the carriage just now, but suddenly someone rushed to the carriage. The coachman couldn't dodge and hurriedly strangled the horse. I didn't keep balance. My body leaned forward, and the colorful glazed vase broke. "

A tinge of pity flashed through Hua Yutong's eyes, and she continued, "That shameless man not only broke the vase, but also forced me to compensate him with twelve gold. He even threatened me that if I didn't give him the gold, he would teach me a lesson. He came out of nowhere like a scoundrel, as if he was crazy of poverty. Not to mention that he was a fake Su family. With the current situation of the Su family, I don't have to be afraid of him. I was so angry that I argued with him on the street.

But why did that scoundrel run away in a hurry just now? It's so strange... " Confused, Hua Yutong took a bite of the green tea Buddha cake on the plate.

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