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   Chapter 820 A Scene Of Desolation

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Hearing this, Yun Shang couldn't help laughing. The laughter became louder and louder, shocking the dragonfly standing on the lotus bud.

"Your Highness, when we were in Cangnan City and Huaiyin City, your attitude towards Empress Hua was so indifferent. I thought Your Highness didn't care about it at all. It turns out that you are just too shy to express your concern." Yun Shang laughed again.

Luo Qingyan raised his eyebrows. Seeing that Yun Shang was smiling happily, he suddenly pulled her over and held her in his arms. The boat jolted violently for a while. Yun Shang was so scared that she quickly reached out to hold Luo Qingyan. When she came to her senses, she raised her head and glared at Luo Qingyan.

However, her glare didn't pose any threat to him. Luo Qingyan smiled and whispered in Yun Shang's ear, "Are you done making fun of me?"

Yun Shang nodded, "yes, yes."

After a pause, she blinked and looked at Luo Qingyan, "So the reason that Your Highness is so happy today is that you have received the news that Empress Hua is coming back to the Palace?"

Luo Qingyan sighed, "You are not afraid of me now, are you? You are not afraid that I might get angry with you."

Hearing Luo Qingyan's question, Yun Shang thought about it for a long time and answered, "Well, uncle, show me how angry you are?" I almost forget what you look like when you get angry with me..."

Luo Qingyan didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. He didn't know what Yun Shang was going to say since she had caught his weakness. So he simply lowered his head and abruptly blocked Yun Shang's mouth.

Yun Shang widened her eyes and made some inaudible sounds. After a long time, she calmed down.

Luo Qingyan released her and raised his eyebrows proudly. "Do you dare make fun of me again?"

Yun Shang shook her head in a hurry, reached out her hand to touch her swollen belly, and whispered, "Alas, my baby. Your father said I was making fun of him? He always bully your mother. Isn't he bad?"

"Bully?" Luo Qingyan raised his eyebrows and repeated it. After thinking for a while, he said, "I've been busy with government affairs these days, and it seems that I haven't bullied you for three or four days. This is a good place. If I rowed the boat into the cluster of lotus leaves, no one would see what we are doing in the boat. I've never tried doing that in a boat..."

Yun Shang's eyes widened in astonishment. She quickly broke free from Luo Qingyan's arms and said, "no, no..."

Luo Qingyan looked at her with a playful smile, "Well, are you still laughing at me?"

Yun Shang shook her head repeatedly, "No, no, Your Highness. I'm sorry."

Luo Qingyan raised her eyebrows and there was a hint of happiness in his eyes. "Your Highness? I don't like this title..."

Yun Shang knew that he was teasing her. But she had to face him as she couldn't get off the boat. She pouted and snorted before addressing him, "Qingyan..."

Drinking up another cup of wine, Luo Qingyan turned her head away didn't respond, a

eror, although they have never got his favor."

"Have you heard the story about the one from Zhang clan who live in the west of the city? She threw an embroidered ball to look for a husband the day before yesterday. The lady from the Zhuang clan was selected to the Imperial Palace last year, but she was sent back this time. There were at least eight hundred men came to her, but unfortunately, the embroidered ball was thrown into the hands of a sixty-year-old man..."

The door of the private room was opened, and the attendant led Yun Shang and the others into it. Yun Shang ordered a pot of fruit tea and some tea, and the attendant left.

The voice of the storyteller outside was still loud. Yun Shang asked Qian Zhuo to close the door, so his voice was much lower.

Thinking of what the storyteller had said just now, Yun Shang kept silent for a while and asked, "Do you know how many concubines were sent out of the Palace by the Emperor this time?"

Qin Yi hurriedly said, "I've inquired about it. I've heard that there are more than six hundred. Over the years, many candidates have been selected for the talent show, but only a few of them are really favored. Some of them even have a title. Most of them are only a small master until they are sent out of the palace. "

"Over six hundred people." Yun Shang frowned. She had never thought that there would be so many. After a long silence, she asked, "So many palaces in the Palace are deserted now?"

Qin Yi nodded and said, "Yes. In the Palace there were more than 90 palaces with nearly one thousand halls and more than eight thousand rooms. Every concubine would occupy at least one hall. In this way, almost seven hundred palaces have been deserted. As soon as the concubines were dismissed, the servants in their palaces were also sent away. Now almost nine out of ten palaces are deserted."

There was a flash of silence in Yun Shang's eyes. She didn't say anything for a long time and kept thinking, 'The Palace has been so desolate now?'

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