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   Chapter 807 Deprive The Empress Of Her Title

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The seventh prince seemed not to be surprised at Yun Shang's arrival. He looked up at Yun Shang with a smile and pulled the iron chain that tied his hands, splashing water around.

"Are you here to save me, sister-in-law?" The seventh prince asked, all smiles, though he was being imprisoned in the water prison, his hands and feet tied by iron chains, his clothes wet with water. But he still wore a smile on his face, as if he didn't care at all.

Hearing this, Yun Shang also smiled slowly, with a bit of interest in her eyes. "You're joking, Your Highness. I'm just a weak woman. I don't know why you are locked here, and I don't know how to save you. Don't make things difficult for me. I'm just here to see how Your Highness are doing..."

The seventh prince nodded with a faint smile, "Of course I'm good. But I'm afraid my legs will broken after being soaked in the water for too long. How about sister-in-law asks them to change a cell for me for the sake of my brother?

Yun Shang smiled more brightly, "How could it be? I heard that Your Highness had escaped, but you deliberately exposed yourself to make yourself back here. Your Highness must like to be locked here, or you wouldn't have done that."

"Yes, I do like here, but the water prison is really not adorable." The seventh prince smiled bitterly. Seeing that Yun Shang didn't want to make a sound, he said to Yun Shang with a smile, "By the way, I heard that Empress Hua has been found. Congratulations to brother. Father is infatuated with Empress Hua. With the presence of Empress Hua, brother will soon ascend the throne."

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes and chuckled, "Your Highness are right, but I'm wondering if you could witness that day. The water is really cold. I could even feel cold air here. I'm pregnant, so excuse me that I can't stay here chatting with Your Highness.

The seventh prince smiled, "Yes, sister-in-law, you should help brother to protect Empress Hua, as well as the baby in your belly..."

"Thank you for your reminding, Your Highness." Yun Shang smiled, turned around and walked out of the prison slowly. Yun Shang felt as though that someone was staring at her back...

"The seventh prince are really arrogant. Your Highness, let me send some secret guards to teach him a lesson. Let's see how he he will behave after that." Qian Yin snorted with displeasure.

Yun Shang smiled faintly, "There's no need to argue with him."

After returning to the yard, Yun Shang said indifferently, "He's indeed the seventh prince, not a fake one. Besides, he also knows what happened to Empress Hua and that Empress Hua is in Lingxi City now. Then why did he break the prison? During the time he left the prison, he must have done something, not something like delivering news, but something that he had to do in person."

There was no way to know what the seventh prince had done after he left the prison, so there was no way to investigate. Yun Shang thought for a whole night but couldn't figure out the reason, so she had to give up.

Luo Qingyan's army had arrived at Zha'na City, and Lord Hua Guo had brought all his soldiers to the border, waiting for a fierc

wearer knows where the shoes pain. Others said that Lady Zhang was lucky to marry a good man after a terrible marriage. But I heard that Lady Zhang and her ex-husband has a child, and her ex-husband has always beaten and scolded the child. As his mother, she definitely cares about her kid. She has repeatedly proposed to bring the child to her side, but Lord Zhang has never agreed."

Lady Zhao kept silent for a while and sighed, "After all, he is not his biological son. How broad-minded can he be to raise a child for another man?"

Yun Shang was stunned for a while, and then realized that she had said something wrong. When she was about to change the topic, Wang Jinhuan suddenly came in from outside. As if he had heard the conversation between the two, he naturally join in. "It has nothing to do with being broad-minded. It's just that the man doesn't love the woman deeply enough. For me, the child of my beloved woman, is also my child."

It was rare for Yun Shang to see Wang Jinhuan speak in such a serious way, so she smiled, "Mr. Wang, you seem to have some feelings."

Wang Jinhuan kept silent for a while and then smiled carelessly, "Yes, but the woman I love doesn't believe it."

Thinking of the entanglement between him and Ning Qian, Yun Shang kept silent for a long time. She felt that it had something to do with her. If it weren't for her arrangement, Ning Qian wouldn't have been in the brothel for so many years and then become a concubine of Xia Huanyu.

Lady Zhao yawned, stood up and said, "It's getting late. I'll go back to my room and have a rest."

Yun Shang nodded and said, "okay."

Lady Zhao left, so did Wang Jinhuan. Yun Shang stood up and was about to go to bed, but the thunder didn't stop. As soon as she finished washing up, she heard the rain falling on the plantain leaves outside.

It was raining heavily. Hearing the sound of rain outside, Yun Shang frowned, turned around and said to Qian Zhuo, "Ask the secret guards to be on high alert tonight. The worse the weather is, the more likely something will happen."

Qian Zhuo replied in a low voice.

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