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   Chapter 802 Poisoning

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Yun Shang wasn't exaggerating the situation. Now that Xia Huanyu had come to Huaiyin, she was afraid the secret of Empress Hua would soon be known by others. By then, it would cause a big storm. The Empress, the seventh prince and many other people would definitely not want Empress Hua to go back to the Palace.

They will try their best to get rid of Empress Hua in the shortest time so as to avoid future trouble.

Yun Shang sighed and leaned back against the couch, looking a little tired. "Mobilize all the secret guards that can be used in the State of Xia to Huaiyin City, and protect Empress Hua at all costs."

Qian Zhuo answered in a low voice. After a moment's silence, she said, "Your Highness, how about we find a place to hide Empress Hua?"

"Hide?" Yun Shang smiled, with a touch of sadness in her eyes. "Where can we hide her?"

After a pause, she continued, "I asked our people in the Palace to try every means to get rid of Su Ruji. How is it going?"

Qian Zhuo replied in a hurry, "Empress Su is being protected by many people as she is an important chess piece of the Su clan. Though Wang Wanzhi and others can get close to her, there is no way to get rid of her..."

Yun Shang kept silent for a long time and said, "Time waits for no one. Empress Hua must be eliminated, but it's not appropriate for Xia Huanyu to do it. Xia Huanyu still needs to rely on the Su group, and it's not the time to fall out with them." After thinking for a while, she murmured, "I don't know if there is any drug that can bewitch people's mind..."

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Qin Yi, who is standing aside, said softly, "I haven't heard of such a drug, but I've heard that in the southwest of the State of Xia, the Hmong people breed poison used to manipulate people's will."

Yun Shang smiled. She just said it casually. She gently held the edge of the bed and squinted.

"Where is Su Ruhai now?" Yun Shang turned around and looked at Qian Zhuo.

After thinking for a while, Qian Zhuo said, "After imprisoning the seventh prince, General Su led the army to attack Mohuai City. Now he should've met with His Highness."

Yun Shang's eyes flashed with a murderous look.

Yun Shang spent the whole afternoon lying on the couch, waiting for the eagle. It was not until dusk that the eagle finally brought her the letter. Yesterday, Yun Shang told Luo Qingyan that Xia Huanyu came to Huaiyin City. Yun Shang took down the bamboo tube under the eagle's claw and took out the letter from it.

There was only a simple sentence on it, "Take the token to mobilize the secret guards. Be careful."

Seeing this, Yun Shang took out the bamboo tube and turned it upside down on the table. Then a small jade pendant fell down, with only one word written on it: "Shang".

"Shang" for "Yun Shang".

Yun Shang's lips curled up into a sweet smile.

Qin Yi had already prepared the brush, ink, paper and ink stone. Yun Shang paused for a long time with the brush that had been dipped in ink before she wrote, "Su Ruhai betrays the State.".

Yun Shang slowly wrote down the five words. After staring at it for a long time, she put down the brush, quickly rolled up the note and pu

A pretty maid answered softly, "Lady Zhao has used it. She had a cup of tea before she went to bed. After she fell asleep, I took the teacup out and poured the tea in it. The cup has been put aside and hasn't been cleaned yet."

Yun Shang frowned. There was no poison in the water and tea leaves, but poison was found on the edge of the teacup. Could it be that the poison was placed on the edge of the cup?

"Does Lady Zhao use this teacup all the time?" Yun Shang asked softly.

The maid shook her head and said, "The set of teacups has eight cups with the same pattern and color. Lady Zhao has no habit of using a particular one."

Hearing this, Yun Shang immediately asked someone to fetch the other seven teacups, and checked them carefully. However, there is nothing unusual with them.

Yun Shang frowned. In this case, the poison was put into the cup after the tea had been poured into it.

But all the servants in the yard were her trusted ones and had no motivation to poison Lady Zhao.

Yun Shang picked up the poisoned teacup and looked at it carefully in the dim light for a long time. Then she wiped the teacup with her hand and found some dregs. Yun Shang frowned and found that among the dregs, there was a thin piece of something that was almost transparent after being soaked.

Yun Shang raised her hand and handed it to the maid. She asked softly, "I remember that the tea leaves I checked just now were all green. What's this?"

The maid was stunned. She got closer to it and checked for a while. Then she said with hesitation, "It should be a jasmine petal."

Yun Shang frowned and thought of the jasmines on the windowsill. She asked with confusion, "Her Ladyship likes jasmine?" She has the habit of adding jasmine petals to the tea?"

The maid nodded and said, "Lady Zhao sometimes goes out for a walk. The day before yesterday, when she took a walk, she saw someone selling jasmines, so she asked us to buy one and put it on the windowsill. When I poured the rest of the tea in the cup, I found Jasmine in it."

Yun Shang looked up and said, "I think I know who the poisoner is."

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