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   Chapter 800 Deep Love (Part One)

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As soon as the curtain was lifted, the appearance of the person standing outside the door clearly reflected in the eyes of Lady Zhao. Lady Zhao seemed to be stunned. Her eyes fell on the scar that was almost through the whole face of Xia Huanyu, and she suddenly took two steps back.

Yun Shang saw that Xia Huanyu's eyes were full of astonishment, and he was also staring unblinkingly at the face of Lady Zhao. Although Yun Shang had always called her Old Lady Zhao, it was just because Zhao Yingjie was Hua Jing's husband before. As Hua Jing's sister, she should be respectful to her.

However, although Old Lady Zhao was more than 40 years old, age hadn't left too many traces on her face, only some slight wrinkles at the corner of her eyes. Though she was not as beautiful as Ning Qian, and her skin was not as fair as the empress who was well-preserved in in the Palace, she still looked much younger than women at her ages.

There were so many emotions flashed through Xia Huanyu's eyes that Yun Shang couldn't figure out what he was thinking. She didn't know how he was feeling when his beloved one who had always been missing stood in front of her after more than twenty years.

When Lady Zhao came to her senses, she frowned and looked at Xia Huanyu. "Who are you?"

Yun Shang almost couldn't help laughing. Lady Zhao clearly knew the identity of Xia Huanyu, but she still asked in this way, which was like stabbing a knife into Xia Huanyu's body. Indeed, everyone in the world was good at acting.

As expected, Yun Shang saw overwhelming sadness in Xia Huanyu's eyes.

Yun Shang hurriedly said, "Lady Zhao, this is the Emperor of the State of Xia."

Lady Zhao was stunned. It seemed that she just came to her senses. She quickly took two steps back before she steadied herself. She quickly bowed and said in a low voice, "Your Majesty."

Xia Huanyu didn't respond for a long time. He just stared at Lady Zhao, mixed emotions in his eyes. Seeing this, Yun Shang couldn't help but feel a little shocked.

After a long time, Xia Huany

Lady Zhao's identity. Later, His Highness had sent someone to investigate it and had gone to KY City in person..."

After a long silence, Xia Huanyu sneered, "So you all know it and just hide it from me."

Yun Shang didn't explain, but quietly followed Xia Huanyu.

After a long while, Xia Huanyu asked, "How has she been these years?"

Yun Shang thought for a moment and said softly, "Old General Zhao had been very good to Lady Zhao, but unfortunately, he passed away too early. It was definitely not easy for Lady Zhao to bring up General Zhao all by herself. Later, Lady Zhao and General Zhao had made many achievements in war, and their position in the court had become more and more stable. My father married my sister to General Zhao, but my sister is spoiled and not good to Lady Zhao. But Lady Zhao was not a weak person, so she didn't suffer much. Before the battle in KY City, General Zhao disappeared. Lady Zhao went to the battlefield in person. After she found General Zhao, she had stayed at the frontier with General Zhao."

Yun Shang told her everything she had known about Lady Zhao in detail, and then said softly, "Lady Zhao has been having a hard time these years..."

Xia Huanyu halted his steps, trembling slightly.

Yun Shang walked behind him and couldn't see his face. She had to stand quietly behind him without saying anything.

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