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   Chapter 790 The Crown Prince

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Yun Shang didn't retort. She just smiled and said, "I think that with so many people in the world, the Buddha can't protect them one by one, so I want to give my chance to others."

A Buddhist? Yun Shang smiled. If the Buddha could really protect her, her child would be fine in her previous life.

Lady Zhao nodded and sighed, "Yes. I can't protect her."

Then she changed the topic, "But what happened? Why did you suddenly come here? Where are you going in a few days? "

Yun Shang didn't try to hide something. She just lowered her head and said softly, "The seventh prince of the State of Xia and Cangjue Qingsu of the State of Yelang have teamed up to surround Prince Jing from all directions, trying to kill him. His Highness has come up with some ways to deal with them. He will go to Huaiyin in two days. "

Lady Zhao thought for a while and turned to Yun Shang, "Is Huaiyin the place we passed by when we came here?"

Yun Shang nodded slightly.

"That's not a good place to accumulate the troops," Lady Zhao frowned and asked, "Is the State of Xia in such a mess? Fratricide was going on among brothers, while the Emperor of the State of Xia... doesn't care? "

Yun Shang lowered her eyes and said indifferently, "Both the palms and the back of the hands are flesh. After all, the seventh prince has been with the Emperor for so many years, so they are naturally more intimate. Your ladyship know his highness well. He is always cold to everyone. It has been a year since I returned to the State of Xia, but I have never called his majesty father... "

Lady Zhao looked up at Yun Shang. After a long silence, she said, "I remember you said that the Emperor of the State of Xia loved the Empress Hua deeply. Then Why is the Emperor so indifferent to the Empress] Hua's child? "

When Yun Shang heard Lady Zhao mention the word " the Empress Hua" in a calm tone, she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. She sorted it out in her heart and said slowly, "It's not cold at all. The emperor's temperament is actually somewhat similar to Prince Jing's. Moreover, the State of Xia now is really a little complicated. The power of the imperial relatives is powerful, and the imperial household fights kept going on openly or secretly.

re the same. Since I could remember, I have always thought that the Empress is my mother. Later I knew who is my biological mother. Although I haven't seen her before, I felt very familiar at the first time I saw her..."

"Silly girl." Yun Shang talked for a long time, but Luo Qingyan only said one word indifferently.

Yun Shang snorted and turned her head away. But after a while, she couldn't help but ask, "Your Highness, will we win this battle?"

Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang tighter and asked softly, "What? Don't you believe me?"

"I believe you," Yun Shang hurriedly answered, "but this time, it seems that I hope we can win faster than any other time."

There was a smile on Yun Shang's face. If she won soon, she could go home and wait for the birth of her child. She could face a dangerous and challenging future with her family.

Luo Qingyan seemed to understand what Yun Shang was thinking. He smiled and said, "Yes. The secret guards have already sent a message that everything is ready. This time, I want to end the battle as soon as possible. "

After a pause, Luo Qingyan narrowed his eyes and said softly, " Su Qi pretended to be sick and didn't go the the court. Secretly he has contacted many officials in the court and submitted a letter together. He asked his majesty to appoint me as the crown prince. I have to go back to the Jin City as soon as possible."

Yun Shang suddenly stopped and turned to Luo Qingyan, "The Crown Prince? What does Su Qi want to do? "

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