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   Chapter 789 A Visit

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Yun Shang answered with a smile, and went into the main room with Qian Zhuo. Qian Zhuo poured Yun Shang a glass of water, and helped Yun Shang lie down on the bench. Then she said, "As soon as I heard that Your Highness was in Cangnan City, I wanted to go to Chengfu Mansion to pay respects to you. But there are spies from the State of Yelang all around the mansion, so I didn't dare to go."

"What?" Yun Shang frowned, "It's not that serious, is it? Otherwise His highness wouldn't have gone out of the city to pick me up. Besides, Zhao Yingjie has visited Chengfu Mansion a few days ago."

Qian Zhuo opened her mouth exaggeratedly and said, "His Highness dared to do that because he had secret guards around him. Those stalkers just followed him in distance and dared not to get close. None of them found that His Highness had placed General Zhao and Lady Zhao here the other day. As for General Zhao, he has been placed in the garrison by His Highness. He has never come back here after he left for Chengfu Mansion."

Yun Shang was stunned. She didn't know that Zhao Yingjie hadn't come back.

Qian Zhuo looked out of the door. It would take a while for Luo Qingyan to come back. Then she asked softly, "Your Highness, you must have shaken off the stalkers when you come here, right? How did you get rid of those tails and leave the city?"

Hearing the question, Yun Shang couldn't help laughing with pride in her eyes. "It was arranged by His Highness. Have you been to Yingke Tower in the city?"

Qian Yin nodded, "The garrison commandant of Cangnan City gave a reception in honor of His Highness there. I went with His Highness."

Yun Shang nodded slightly, "The strategy His Highness used today is called "getting away like the cicada sloughing its skin". Before this, His Highness had secretly ordered the secret guards in the city to secretly tamper with the restaurant. Today, I went to Yingke Tower with his highness. As you said, there were many followers behind us. Before we went upstairs, His Highness ordered a pot of Da Hong Pao to send the waiter away. Then he went upstairs with me."

"When we walked to the corner of the stairway, the people in the hall couldn't see us. His highness had already asked someone to set a little dark room at the corne

hang stepped into the yard. There were a lot of morning glories in the yard, which had already been in bud. They climbed all over the walls of the yard, and there were also some herbs and clothes hanging in the sun. It looked like a yard of an ordinary family.

Sitting on the deck chair under the eaves, Lady Zhao didn't raise her head when she heard the door open.

Yun Shang walked to her and took a look at the book in her hand. It was a book on military tactics. Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and said softly, "I'm here to greet you, Your Ladyship."

Stunned, Lady Zhao raised her head, with a flash of surprise in her eyes. She thought for a moment and asked, "Why are you here?"

Qian Zhuo ordered a maid to fetch a chair. Yun Shang sat down next to Lady Zhao and said with a smile, "His Highness and I are living in the village now, so I come here to see Your Ladyship." Then she asked Qian Zhuo to hand over the Buddhist scripture. Yun Shang took it and handed it to Lady Zhao, "I heard from Qian Zhuo that you still pray to Buddha every day, so I transcribed a Buddhist scripture..."

Lady Zhao didn't refuse. She took it, flipped it over and said, "This Buddhist text also has only one existing copy in the world. I remember you gave me one transcribed by yourself the first time we met in Princess Palace."

Yun Shang smiled and said nothing.

Lady Zhao didn't care about it at all and continued, "You transcribed Buddhist texts without any mistakes, but I know you don't believe in Buddhism."

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