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   Chapter 787 Disappearance

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The strategy of "getting away like the cicada sloughing its skin" should be used at the most chaotic time. Luo Qingyan had arranged everything, waiting for a suitable opportunity and a suitable place.

Cangnan City was not a big city, and there were not many people. There was a market day every two days. On that day, the street was full of all kinds of stalls. People from the nearby villages would come to the city to trade if they had something to sell or if they needed to buy something.

Then Luo Qingyan took Yun Shangout for dinner in Yingke Tower in the city. The Yingke Tower was full of guests today. Fortunately, Luo Qingyan had booked a private room on the second floor.

Yingke Tower was a little different from other restaurants. In other restaurants, there was only one stairway leading to the hall of the second two floors and private rooms were arranged side by side at the innermost of the hall. While in Yingke Tower, there were eight wooden stairs at four sides of the hall on the first floor, and each stair corresponded to a private room on the second floor. Only the customers who had booked a private room could go upstairs from the corresponding stair.

In this way, it showed that the guests in the private room were distinguished. On the other hand, it could protect the privacy of the guests, which was very welcomed.

As soon as Luo Qingyan took Yun Shang out of the mansion, Yun Shang felt that there were many people following her. This feeling was particularly strong after entering Yingke Tower.

Yun Shang frowned, but Luo Qingyan didn't seem to care about it at all. He quietly patted Yun Shang on the back to comfort her.

"Hello, sir, nice to have you here. Tingyu Room on the second floor has been ready for you. This way, please." The attendant hurried up and led Luo Qingyan and Yun Shang to a staircase.

Luo Qingyan nodded and helped Yun Shnag up the stairs. Then he turned to the waiter who was about to follow them upstairs and ordered, "Go mak

qin on it. The private room was not big, so all in it could be seen from outside the door. There was nothing inside.

The shopkeeper hurried in, followed by onlookers and some hidden spies. There was indeed no one in the room.

The shopkeeper's face suddenly turned pale. Others might not know who the distinguished guests were. But he knew clearly the identities of the two. A few days ago, the servant who booked the private room had said that they were Prince Rui and Lady Rui. If anything happened to Prince Rui and Lady Rui in his tavern, it would be terrible.

"Hurry up! Be quick to notify the authorities!" The shopkeeper shouted.

The onlookers were confused and discussed, "Just now, we saw the two of them go upstairs and enter this room. Why did they disappear? The room is haunted?"

"Nonsense! How could there be a ghost in broad daylight?" Someone retorted in a low voice.

"Were they being kidnapped from the window?" Someone who was still unable to squeeze in whispered.

The shopkeeper shook his head in a hurry and said, "It's noisy outside. In order to make sure that the guests won't be disturbed, there is no window in all our private rooms..."

The people inside looked at the opposite subconsciously. As the shopkeeper said, there was no window in this private room.

Was it really haunted?

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