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   Chapter 780 Decision

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Yun Shang nodded and roughly understood. Although she was a little disappointed that he was not here to express Lao Zhao's attitude, she just smiled at Zhao Yingjie and said, "General Zhao, what do you think Lao Zhao should do about it? In fact, I didn't come here to ask Lao Zhao to go to the State of Xia with me. But the emperor of the State of Xia will soon know about it. I'm afraid that he will do something to force Her Ladyship, and it's very likely that he will do something bad to you. Besides, Lady Zhao has the right to know the truth and I think it's better for her to know it before the emperor of the State of Xia finds her.

Zhao Yingjie listened to Yun Shang seriously and kept nodding. After Yun Shang finished speaking, he smiled innocently and said, "I haven't seen the emperor of the State of Xia. Will he hurt my mother? I've heard that there are many concubines in his harem, and now he has a new empress. How should my mother face them if she goes back?"

Yun Shang was stunned for a while and then smiled slowly. Zhao Yingjie seemed to be a guileless man, but he was not slow in thinking.

"I'm not sure if Xia Huanyu will hurt Her Ladyship. Xia Huanyu has loved Empress Hua very much, and she was the only one who got his love in the imperial household. As far as I know, his love for her hasn't faded away after the accident of Empress Hua. In Xia Huanyu's heart, it had always been a place that belonged to her. However, Empress Hua has married again and gave birth to a child as she lost her memories. I think Xia Huanyu will definitely get angry when he knows this. But he won't let Empress Hua leave him again." Yun Shang said calmly.

"As for the current empress, Su Ruji..." Yun Shang narrowed her eyes with a lazy smile. "If Empress Hua returns to the State of Xia, Su Ruji will definitely not be the empress anymore. The State of Xia is also very complicated. I'm afraid the Su clan won't last long. "

Yun Shang didn't mind telling the honest-looking man about the State of Xia.

Zhao Yingjie nodded and looked up at Yun Shang with a serious look. "If mother returns to the State of Xia, Prince Jing and Your Highness will protect her well, won't you?"

Yun Shang nodded slowly and said clearly, "Yes, we will protect her."

Zhao Yingjie breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "That's good. Although I am not sure if mother will go to the State of Xia with you, I know you and Prince Jing are both outstanding and reliable person. Since you have promised to protect mother, I'm relieved."

"What will you do if Her Ladyship goes back to the State of Xia with me?" Yun Shang looked at Zhao Yingjie and asked softly.

Zhao Yingjie paused and smiled, "I've grown up. I'll take good care of myself. I have been with my mother for so many years, and she has been working hard for me. Prince Jing is also my mother's child, but he hasn't... I hope mother will go with you. Prince Jing is my her

he stone tablet with the Prince Qi's birth date, and secretly bury some guides behind these two things, making all evidences lead to the the Empress. Now prepare brush, ink, paper and ink stone for me."

Zi Su stood up in a hurry and rushed into the room.

Seeing Yun Shang arrange things, Lady Zhao was lost in thought. After a while, she asked slowly, "Are you going to Cangnan City in two days?"

Yun Shang nodded slightly, "yes."

Lady Zhao nodded and stood up. "Then I'll go back to pack up. Two days should be enough." Then she walked out of the yard.

Yun Shang was stunned and suddenly realized that it meant Lady Zhao had decided to go back to the State of Xia with her.

Yun Shang wanted to ask, but found that Lady Zhao had left the yard.

Yun Shang recalled what Lady Zhao had said just now, and felt a little relieved, with a smile at the corners of her mouth. Then she remembered that there was still a lot of things to deal with, so she quickly stood up and walked into the room.

If Lady Zhao goes with her, Zhao Yingjie couldn't stay here. Otherwise, Xia Huanyu would not let him go. But if Zhao Yingjie was going to leave, there would be no general in charge of guarding KY City. Although the State of Xia and Ningguo had a friendly contract with the State of Ning. She still didn't believe Feng Ming, so she didn't dare to bet on the people in KY City. It was necessary to send a letter to her father, but who could replace General Zhao before the letter being received?

Yun Shang paused and two people occurred to her. After thinking for a while, Yun Shang turned around and said to Zi Su, "You go to the military camp outside the city with my jade pendant. Tell the two generals, Liu Hua and Wang Chong, that I need them to do me the favor I told yesterday. I will temporarily entrust KY City to them."

Then Yun Shang continued, "After that, go to find General Zhao Yingjie. Tell him I have something to discuss with him."

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