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   Chapter 776 Night Meeting

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Lady Hua Guo has been resting for a while. Hearing the noise, the madam beside her hurriedly opened the door with a lantern in her hand. When she saw Yun Shang, she was startled. "Ah, Why do Your Highness come here at this time?"

Yun Shang hurriedly said, "Please wake up Her Ladyship. Tell her that I have something urgent, very urgent."

The madam noticed that Yun Shang didn't look well, so she quickly said, "Well, Well, I'll go now." Then she turned around and walked into the room.

Yun Shang also followed in. As soon as she entered the front hall, Lady Hua Gua's voice came from inside, "Madam Qi, what's wrong? What happened?"

The madam answered in a hurry, "Her Ladyship, Lady Rui is here. She asks to see you for something urgent."

"Shang'er?" Lady Hua Guo asked in surprise. She came back to her senses and said, "Quick, bring Shang'er in."

Madam Qi opened the curtain and let Yun Shang enter. After entering the bedroom, madam Qi immediately lit up the lights in the room. Lady Hua Guo had already sat up. She was only dressed in a night robe, and her silver hair was disheveled.

"I'm old now. I can't sleep sound at night. Even some slight might would make me wake up. Madam Qi, come and change clothes for me. Shang'er, why did you hurried here? Is there anything wrong? What happened?" Lady Hua Guo raised her hand to fix her hair and said.

Hearing this, Yun Shang quickly walked to the bed and knelt down, which startled Lady Hua Guo. Regardless of her unchanged clothes, she quickly got out of bed and asked, "What's wrong? Tell me what happened? Why do you kneel down?"

Yun Shang bit her lips and handed her the memorial that Wang Wanzhi had brought out from the Palace. Lady Hua Guo was stunned when she saw the cover. "Memorial? Who wrote the memorial? Judging from the color of the cover, it was not written by Qingyan? Why is it in your hand?"

"Grandma, please read the memorial." Yun Shang said in a hoarse voice.

Lady Hua Guo was taken aback. She quickly opened the memorial and read it carefully. But as her eyes moved, her expression gradually became excited, her body trembling slightly. After reading it, she quickly stood up and grabbed Yun Shang's hand. "Is it true? Is it true? Ling'er is still alive?"

Yun Shang bit her lips and said, "Please forgive me and Qingyan for not reporting it...

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Lady Hua Guo was surprised again. "not reporting it?" What do you mean? You and Qingyan had known about this?" Lady Hua Guo frowned and looked pale, but her expression gradually calmed down. She stared at Yun Shang for a long time, and then took two steps back. She sat down on the edge of the bed and said calmly, "Tell me what happened. I hope you don't hide anything from me."

Yun Shang nodded slightly and kowtowed to Lady Hua Guo. "In fact, Qingyan and I had known the news that Empress Hua was still alive when we were in the State

that she noticed that Yun Shang was still kneeling on the ground. She quickly pulled Yun Shang up and said, "Why are you kneeling? The ground is cold." After a pause, she continued, "What did you plan to do?"

Yun Shang bit her lips and said, "I came to see grandma because I want to go to KY City in person. It is only a matter of time that the Emperor gets to know what happened to Empress Hua. I think I'd better go to KY City to tell Empress Hua the story in detail and asked her opinion.

Seeing Lady Hua Guo frowning and listening carefully, Yun Shang continued to explain, "Empress Hua is also a party involved in the story, so she have the right to learn the truth." We can discuss with her carefully and find a solution, and arrange it before the Emperor knows. Besides, I am the princess of the State of Ning, so she will believe me. Then it will be more convenient for us to deal with the matter."

Lady Hua Guo was still silent. After a long time, she said softly, "Tell her not to worry about me and His Lordship. If she doesn't want to, she doesn't have to go back to the State of Xia. We know she is still alive and she is living a good life. It's enough."

Since Lady Hua Guo said so, it meant that she agreed with Yun Shang's idea. Yun Shang quickly responded, and then said softly, "But there are many people watching me in Jin City. It's not easy for me to leave the city. I'm afraid I need your help."

Lady Hua Guo, "What do you want me to do?"

Yun Shang then told Lady Guo her plan in detail. After a long time, Lady Hua Guo nodded.

Yun Shang bowed to Lady Hua Guo again, saying that she would go back to make other arrangements, and was leaving Jin City tomorrow when the city gate was open.

Lady Hua Guo answered softly. She thought for a while and said, "When you come back, tell me all you know about Ling'er in the the State of Ning."

Yun Shang's nose twitched. She hurriedly replied and then left.

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