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   Chapter 775 Unexpected Thing

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"That's why the seventh prince agreed to meet Xu Sansi and his father in Lingxi City. Then, it must be the order of the seventh prince that Xu Sansi went to the military camp outside KY city and came to Jin City. Hua Yutong must have known something, so she lied to me." Yun Shang's eyes darkened as she frowned.

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Qian Yin became nervous and asked, "Then what should we do?" Then she looked up at the secret guard and asked, "Where is the person who was sent to submit the memorial? Do we still have the chance to stop him?"

The secret guard shook his head and said, "I'm afraid he's already been in the Palace."

Hearing this, Yun Shang quickly said to Qin Yi, "It's not appropriate for me to go to the Palace since I just pretended to be unwell in front of Su Qi. You take my jade pendant to the Palace and see if the person who presented the memorial has seen Xia Huanyu. If not, ask Wang Wanzhi to find a way to stop the memorial."

Qin Yi looked hesitant, but she quickly responded. She took the jade pendant from Yun Shang's hand and walked out of the door.

Qian Liu also frowned and said, "We don't even know what memorial is about. If we asked Miss Wang to secretly stop it, her identity might be exposed. Is it worth it?"

Yun Shang shook her head, and a deep look flashed in her eyes. "I'd rather kill one thousand by mistake than let one go."

Yun Shang had been waiting for the news in her room after Qin Yi left. Time passed and it started getting dark. Qian Liu hurried to prepare dinner for Yun Shang, but Yun Shang had a bad appetite. She just ate some porridge before she ordered to take the food away.

When the night fell, Qian Yin had still stayed in the mansion to accompany Yun Shang.

It was not until about 11pm that there was a faint sound come from outside. Qian Yin hurriedly walked out of the door and craned her neck to look down from the railing. "Your Highness, Qin Yi's back, but there seems to be some

ness outside, Qin Yi seemed a little hesitant. "I'm afraid Lady Hua Guo has already been resting."

Yun Shang nodded without hesitation, "Yes, now. We have to race against time. If the Emperor doesn't make any movement within seven days, the seven princes will know that there must be something wrong with the memorial and he will surely report again. At that time, we may not be lucky enough to stop another memorial." So we have to hurry up. We can't delay for even a second..."

The three of them hurried out of the door, got on the carriage and headed for Lord Hua Guo's mansion.

When they arrived at Lord Hua Guo's mansion, the door was closed. Qian Liu got off the carriage in a hurry and walked quickly to the door. She knocked the copper ring on the door and the sound was particularly abrupt in the quiet night.

After a while, a weary voice came from inside, "Coming. Who is it? It's late at night."

The door creaked open. The doorman poked his head and saw Yun Shang get off the carriage. "It's me. Open the door. I have something urgent to tell Her Ladyship."

The doorman was stunned and then came to his senses. "Oh, it's Lady Rui. Her Ladyship has rested."

Yun Shang nodded and walked quickly into the door. "I see." But she quickened her pace toward the yard where Lady Hua Guo lived.

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