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   Chapter 774 The Memorial

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 7016

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Su Qi grew more irritated. He stamped his feet and shouted, "Arrest them all for stirring up trouble!" Anyone? Anyone?" It was not until then that the coachman and servants outside the door found that the person who was surrounded at the gate was their master. They broke through the crowd in a hurry and rushed to the side of Su Qi.

However, those people were not stupid. When they saw the servants of Su Qi, they quickly scattered in all directions. All of a sudden, there was no one in front of Prince Rui's mansion. If it weren't for all the messy things on the ground and the stains on his clothes, Su Qi would have thought that it was just an illusion.

"Unruly people, let's see how I will deal with you." Su Qi was so angry that his face was a little distorted. He gritted his teeth and suddenly raised his voice to the servant beside him. "What are you waiting for? Help me get on the carriage! You stupid rubbish."

The servant answered in a hurry. He helped Su Qi get on the carriage in a hurry and drove it to his mansion.

What happened at the door was soon reported to Yun Shang by the doorman. The master and the servants were laughing from ear to ear in the room. Qian Yin, who came in a hurry, bent over with a smile. "Oh, I didn't expect that Su Qi would be treated like this. I'm afraid that the common people have a deep grudge against him."

With a smile on her face, Yun Shang shook her head and said, "I'm afraid that Su Qi hates me very much this time. But the Su clan will be eliminated sooner or later. If we don't get rid of it, it will also be a hidden problem."

"But Your Highness, didn't you say that it's only a matter of time for the Empress to regain the favor? Will it do us no good to offend the Su clan at this time?" Qin Yi hesitated.

Hearing this, Yun Shang smiled. "I've said so, but it's also only a matter of time for her to lose her power forever. His Majesty needs an appropriate chance to attack the Su clan. Isn't it good that I offer him a chance?"

While they were talking excitedly, Yun Shang heard a signal from a secret guard. She raise

aid, "Call the secret guard who sent the message just now. I have something to ask him."

Seeing that Yun Shang's face became very serious, Qian Yin quickly restrained her expression and raised her hand to her lips, making a few strange tones.

After a while, someone jumped in from the window and knelt down in front of Yun Shang.

Yun Shang frowned and asked, "Have you got the chance to read the memorial?"

The secret guard kept silent for a moment and then shook his head. "When I received the news, the memorial has already arrived outside Jin City. I wanted to take the opportunity to have a look at it, but I didn't expect that Feng Ming had sent several martial arts masters to secretly protect the memorial. I couldn't get any chance."

"Is there anything wrong with the memorial?" Hearing this, Qian Yin raised her head and asked Yun Shang.

Yun Shang shook her head and frowned, "I don't know what's wrong, but I feel there is something strange about it." It's just been seven days after the eldest princess was being caught, so the seventh prince shouldn't have known about it. However, judging from the situation, it seemed that he has already come up with a solution. There must be some spies of the seventh prince around Lady Shu or Xia Huanyu. The seventh prince had already known Lady Shu's identity and had expected that something would happen to the eldest princess."

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