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   Chapter 771 A Charge

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The restaurant was diagonally opposite to the spot where Mr. Su was being tied. Yun Shangspecially choose a table beside the window on the second floor and sat down. Obviously, the attendant had seen what had happened outside just now. He said softly, "You seem to be a noble person, but Mr. Su has always been arrogant and bossy. Moreover, the Su clan was very powerful in the court. You should be careful since you had treated him like that."

Yun Shang knew that the attendant was being kind, so she nodded slightly and said, "Don't worry. Since I dare to do so, I'm not afraid that the Su clan will take revenge."

Since Yun Shang said so, the attendant stopped talking about it. He looked at Yun Shang for a while and said courteously, "What would you like to eat, madam?"

"What's the specialty here?" Yun Shang asked casually. She glanced at the man hanging on the wall through the window and thought, 'Since he is so arrogant and domineering, he must be a favored one among the younger generation of the Su clan. I'm wondering who will come to save him this time.'

"Chicken and cucumber, stewed pork with melon, spicy stomach, mushroom hair, Buddha's hand roll, pearl chicken, poached crab meat are all our specialty, and many guests like the red bean porridge here. What do you want, Mrs. Carla?" The attendant asked after recommend the dishes.

Yun Shang thought for a while and said, "I want to taste all the dishes you recommended and three portions of red bean porridge."

The attendant's eyes lit up and replied hurriedly, "Okay!" She ran downstairs in a hurry, and soon came up with a teapot in hIs hand. She poured a cup of tea for Yun Shang with a smile, "Madam, this is the Xinyang Maojian Tea only for our distinguished guests. Have a taste, please."

Yun Shang nodded gently and said with a smile, "You don't need to serve me here. Just attend to other guests."

A hint of disappointment flashed through the attendant's eyes. He nodded and left. Yun Shang asked Qin Yi and Qian Liu to

you. Please forgive him and spare him."

"Spare him?" Yun Shang seemed to have heard a big joke. She looked at Yun Shang with a smile and said in disbelief, "Lord Su said I should spare him? Do you know what he said to me? Oh, I forgot that Lord Su just came and didn't know about it. Then let me tell you what your nephew has done and said."

Yun Shang took a sip of tea and continued, "Just now, your nephew came to take liberties with after my maid left for shopping. I didn't want to make things difficult for him, but he said something rude. He said he would let me kneel on the bed and beg him. I just ignored him, but he said he would ruin generations of my family."

"Do you need me to tell me who my family members are? My husband is Prince Rui, my father-in-law is the Emperor, and my mother-in-law is Empress Hua. And my father is the emperor of the State of Ning, and my mother is Lady Jin of the State of Ning. Don't you think I should report to His Majesty that someone has threatened to kill the emperors of the two countries? I've heard that your nephew doesn't have an official post. How dare a civilian say something like that? It equals to the crime of conspiracy. Lord Su, I just want to ask you if your Su clan could bear such a charge." The smile on Yun Shang's face disappeared, and her eyes were full of sternness.

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