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   Chapter 767 Truth Or Lies

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Lingxi City... Yun Shang thought for a while and said nothing.

Hua Yutong continued, "My cousin came to Jin City for the imperial examination. My uncle and aunt heard that I married the seventh prince, so they asked my cousin to visit me and see if I can find a way to help him. I dared not to promise my cousin when he mentioned it as I didn't have the ability. So I just change the topic and ask him how he was going. He told me that he had just come back from Lingxi City and inadvertently mentioned that he had met His Highness's servants several times."

Hua Yutong lowered her head and smiled helplessly. "Although I'm not favored by the seventh prince, he is still my husband nominally. I heard from my cousin that the situation in Lingxi City is not good, so I'm a little worried about His Highness. But my cousin didn't say anything more about that. I want to know His Highness' current situation from him, but I'm really not familiar with him and it's difficult for me to ask him. I sent people to inquire about my cousin and found out he liked enjoying opera, so I often invited him to the theater and wanted to get some information from him."

"Have you found out what you want to know?" Yun Shang's lips curled up slightly. She picked up the cup of tea poured by Qin Yi, but she didn't drink it. Instead, she fixed her eyes unblinkingly on Hua Yutong.

Hua Yutong shook her head and looked a little disappointed. "I've asked him two times, but the information I got was not what I wanted. My cousin only said that the war in Lingxi City was tense, and told the situation about the people and shops in the city. He didn't say anything else."

"It's not that he doesn't want to tell me, but he doesn't know at all." Yun Shang sighed, "I'm afraid your cousin has some evil thoughts on you. You'd better not have too much contact with him. You've been married now, and your husband is a prince. I'm afraid that if you go on like this, rumors will drown you before you get the answer."

Hua Yutong said nothing, clenching the brocade handkerchief in her hand.

Yun Shang raised her hand and poked the spot between her eyebrows. She shook her head and

ed to Yun Shang when Yun Shang talked about the recent rumors and asked her why she was so close to Xu Sansi.

Yun Shang squinted her eyes and turned to Qian Liu, "Send someone to check where Xu Sansi has been recently."

Qian Liu answered and left in a hurry.

Yun Shang closed her eyes for a rest. As soon as she got up, she saw a maid, who serves in the garden house, rushing in. "Your Highness, someone from the Palace said that Lady Shu invited Your Highness to the Palace."

Lady Shu? Yun Shang frowned, confused, "What does Lady Shu want to do?"

Yun Shang stood up and asked Qin Yi to help her fix her clothes and hair. Then she went downstairs slowly and head to the garden house.

As soon as she walked to the corridor by the lake, she saw Ning Qian slowly walking towards her, as if she was looking for her.

"What's wrong?" Yun Shang asked softly without stopping.

Ning Qian smiled and said, "I'm setting out for Cangnan City right away. I just want to say goodbye to you, master."

Hearing this, Yun Shang turned around and looked at Ning Qian with a smile. "Okay, be careful. No matter what happens, remember, ensuring your own safety is the most important thing."

Ning Qian nodded with a smile, "Don't worry, master. I do cherish my life."

"That's good." Yun Shang smiled, "Have a good trip."

Ning Qian smiled and said yes. Then she stopped, waved at Yun Shang, and turned to the yard where she lived.

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