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   Chapter 762 The Turmoil

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Some of the officials kneeling on the ground were already fleeing in a hurry. The Eldest Princess smiled at their discomfiture and sneered in her heart, 'Haven't these officials who claimed to come here for the sake of the country also betrayed us in order to save their lives? I will keep none of these people!'

Though she thought this way, she put on a smile and counted, "Three!"

In the chaos below, screams could be heard continuously.

"Two!" The Eldest Princess seemed to like this very much, and her eyes filled with smile.

After a pause, she roared fiercely, "One!"

Only that sound of "One!" At that instant, it was all silence. The Eldest Princess frowned and raised her voice, "Shoot! Now!"

Still no one answered. The men in black on the wall didn't make any movement. The Princess was shocked and looked up but to see those men with bows and arrows falling backwards in unison.

The secret guards and Liu Wenan, who were guarding under the Temple of Heaven, took a few more steps towards the temple.

The Eldest Princess' heart sank. She drew the dagger closer to Xia Huanyu's neck and asked, "Do you want to kill Xia Huanyu?"

No one answered. The Princess saw that Liu Wenan waved his hand and was about to ask the secret guards to rush up to her. The Princess knew that something was wrong. She turned around the face of Xia Huanyu, who was in her arms, and saw that Xia Huanyu's face was pale and his lips were a little dark red, as if he had been poisoned.

The Princess immediately raised her hand and put it on the tip of Xia Huanyu's nose. Her face suddenly changed. She pushed the person in her arms down the Temple of Heaven and shouted, "It is a trap! Retreat."

As soon as the Princess finished speaking, several monks behind her threw a few black balls in front of them. With a bang, the black balls exploded in front of them. For a moment, the smoke was shrouded and nothing could be seen.

Liu Wenan suddenly shouted, "Don't let her run away."

The secret guards suddenly rushed up to the Temple of Heaven, and the smoke had gradually dissipated.

uanyu still kept silent.

However, the Eldest Princess laughed out loudly. "Your Majesty, though you are always narrow-minded, I'm sincerely convinced today. But it's a pity that if this matter is known to the public today, Lady Shu, the chess piece that your majesty has kept for more than twenty years, will be destroyed. "

"Don't bother, sister. Just worry about your own situation," Xia Huanyu said indifferently, "Guards, take the Eldest Princess into the water prison."

Guards came in and led the Eldest Princes down.

The hall was quiet for a moment. Xia Huanyu waved his hand and the door was closed. Liu Wenan poured a cup of tea for Xia Huanyu and then prepared another cup.

"Come out," Xia Huanyu said softly.

A person slowly walked out from behind the golden wall. She was dressed in a light pink robe with a slightly bulging belly and a beautiful face.

The woman walked quickly to center of the hall and knelt down.

Xia Huanyu looked up at her and said softly, "Get up. You are pregnant. If anything happens to you, Prince Rui will definitely fight me to death. Thanks to you, we win this time,"

The woman in front of him smiled, slightly bent down and bowed, "Your Majesty, I'm flattered. I don't deserve it." Then she stood up and looked up at Xia Huanyu.

The woman was no other than Yun Shang, Lady Rui, who should have followed Luo Qingyan to Cangnan.

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