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   Chapter 758 Provocation

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Ning Qian had the seal of the Empress, but it was difficult for her to deal with the imperial household affairs as she had only been in the Palace for less than two years. However, Ning Qian was not a stubborn person. When she met something she didn't understand, she would go to Shuya Palace or Weiyang Palace to discuss with Lady Shu or the Empress.

Since Ning Qian had always been humble and Lady Shu was or at least pretended to be a gentle person, Lady Shu always told Ning Qian everything she'd asked.

However, the Empress didn't have a good temper recently. The first time Ning Qian went to Weiyang Palace for help, she had been waiting in the main hall for about an hour before the Empress came out with a pale face and asked casually, "How come you have come here? Pay respect to me? I am a patient... Huh..." Even Qian Xin sensed the irony in the chuckle.

Ning Qian hurriedly said, "His majesty ordered me to temporarily take over the seal, but I know nothing about the imperial household affair. Today I encountered a difficult problem which Lady Shu also doesn't know how to deal with, so I have to take the liberty to disturb Your Majesty."

As Ning Qian spoke, she gave the Empress a few quick glance. Although her face was a little pale, but no sign of serious illness. Moreover, it was impossible for a seriously ill person to be so domineering.

After Ning Qian finished speaking, there was a moment of silence in the hall. Then the Empress burst into laughter. "Haha! That's great. I didn't expect he gave the seal to you instead of Lady Shu. Haha, so good..."

Ning Qian didn't expect that the Empress would suddenly lose her manner in front of her. She was also a little stunned. After a while, she heard the Empress' usual indifferent voice. "Are you here to show off to me?"

Ning Qian hurriedly shook her head, "I dare not. It's really difficult to deal with these affairs as I've been in the Palace for a short time."

Hearing Ning Qian's words, the Empress let out laughter again with a bit of mockery, "I'm recuperating now and I don't deal with anything. Maids, see off Lady Xiang."

Ning Qian was rejected as soon as she arrived, but she still looked stunned after she left Weiyang Palace. In Ning Qian's impression, the Empress had always been an elegant and gentle person. Although she might be very scheming, she never showed any emotion that should not belong to a empress on her face.

But why did she dramatically changed in just a few days.

Ning Qian only heard that the Empress had a dispute with Xia Huanyu who then angrily ordered her to rethink herself in Weiyang Palace. She didn't know why the two of them quarreled, but she really felt strange after seeing the Empress.

However, although Ning Qian was rejected for the first time, she didn't retreat. She frequently went to Weiyang Palace to look for the Empress with something. Later, even Xia Huanyu couldn't help but ask her about it.

However, Ning Qian just smiled and said, "I've just taken over the imperial household affairs, and I really don't understand a lot of things, so I have to go to Weiyang Palace to bother the Empress."

Hearing this, Xia Huanyu frowned slightly and said

o a chair and sat down. "It must be hard for you to take charge of the affairs since you've been pregnant. Tell me, what do you visit me for?"

Ning Qian smiled and said, "Thank you, Your Majesty. I have a problem. His majesty is going to pray for good harvest on the vernal equinox. Lady Shu gave me the lists of the previous two years. I've read it carefully and found that although the items on the two lists were almost the same, they were some difference. For example, the animals used for sacrificial ceremony in the year before last year was horses, cattle, sheep, dogs and hogs. While the dogs had been replaced with chickens on the list of the year before last. What's the point?"

The Empress raised her eyes and said indifferently, "You are quite meticulous. The year before last was the Year of the Rooster, so chicken couldn't be used in the sacrificial ceremony. And as the last year was the Year of the Dog, dogs wouldn't been allowed."

Ning Qian nodded slightly and understood a little. Then she continued, " The sacrificial ceremony is supposed to be hosted by Your Majesty as usual, but as Your Majesty don't feel well, His Majesty order as an alternative to avoid exhausting Your Majesty. I dare not to wear Your Majesty's ceremonial garment, but I don't know which kind of dress is appropriate for the sacrificial ceremony.

The Empress suddenly clenched her hands in the sleeves, and her eyes were somewhat cold. "You could ask the Vice Minister of the Ministry of rites. I don't know either." Then the Empress stood up suddenly and left in a huff.

Looking at the back of the angry Empress, Ning Qian's lips curled up slightly.

After a moment's silence, Ning Qian handed the pamphlet to Qian Xin, "Go back to stamp the seal on the list and then send it to the Ministry of Rites."

Although she said this to Qian Xin, she was staring towards the inner hall. She knew that the Empress in the inner hall must have heard it clearly.

Qian Xin received the order and left. Ning Qian stood up and slowly walked out of Weiyang Palace. But before she stepped out of the door, she suddenly fell to the ground.

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