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   Chapter 757 Speculation

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"Your Highness? Lady Xiang?" It was not until Liu Wenan called her twice in a row that Ning Qian came to her senses and smiled, "Oh, I was just so happy. Thank you, Lord Liu."

Then she knelt down.

Liu Wenan nodded with a smile. He ordered the eunuch behind him to give the golden seal to Ning Qian. Ning Qian quickly kowtowed three times and said, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

After Liu Wenan left, Ning Qian was still in a daze. The hall was already full of cheers. All the servants were very happy for their master being favored and being put in an important position.

"Congratulations, Your Highness." Everyone hurried to congratulate Ning Qian.

Ning Qian smiled faintly, "It's just temporary. There's nothing to be happy about. But since you are so happy, I'll reward everyone of you with an extra monthly allowance. Don't gossip around. I take charge of it temporarily just because the Empress feels ill and needs some rest. If there is any word inappropriate from you spreads to the ears of the Empress, I won't spare you."

The servants quickly replied and expressed their thanks repeatedly. Ning Qian asked them to leave and let Qian Xin take the gold seal into the inner hall.

"Find a place to put it away. It's hard for me to sleep and eat since it's placed here. I'm afraid that something might go wrong. His Majesty has given me a difficult problem this time." Ning Qian frowned and lay down on the couch, without even glancing at the seal that everyone in the imperial household wanted.

"Your Highness, you can't say like this. This is something many people long for but even couldn't get a chance to see. His Majesty giving it to you means that he trusts you." Qian Xin said with a smile, "Master Qian Qian is really marvelous. You've even got the seal of the empress within two years. I think, maybe soon, you will become..."

"Don't talk nonsense." Ning Qian's brows had been knitted tightly since she received the imperial edict.

Hearing Qian Xin'


Ning Qian's eyes fell on the golden seal that had been put in the box. She sneered, "I'm just a chess piece for His Majesty that could be abandoned at any time."

"Then how are Your Highness going to deal with it? How about I send a message to ask what master what we should do?" Qian Xin became anxious after she understood Ning Qian's words.

Looking at the blooming white flower, Ning Qian drummed on the table for a while and said, "Master should've been near the border. I'm afraid that she has many things to deal with, so I don't have to disturb her for the time being. I know what I'm doing." Ning Qian gritted her teeth and squeezed out word by word, "I, Ning Qian, am a living person, not a pawn at the mercy of others. Since His Majesty has arranged it sow well, how can I fail him? " Ning Qian said as she put her hand on her flat belly.

Looking at Ning Qian's expression, Qian Xin had a bad feeling. She asked in a hurry, "what do you want to do, Your Highness?"

Seeing her nervous look, Ning Qian couldn't help laughing and said gently, "What are you afraid of? Am I a reckless person? Didn't you remember the question I asked you yesterday? Who do you think is the bigger threat to master, the Empress or Lady Shu? I have to get rid of one for master. It's better to get rid of the tough one."

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