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   Chapter 735 Riddled With Mystery (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5003

Updated: 2020-04-24 00:22

Yun Shang and Qin Yi looked at each other. Qin Yi picked up the paper in a hurry, unfolded it, and handed it to Yun Shang. Yun Shang glanced at it, nodded, and said to Qin Yi calmly, "Help me get dressed."

Qin Yi obeyed, folded the paper and put it into her sleeve. Then she helped put on the underwear and underwear for Yun Shang in a hurry.

After both of them went out, Qin Yi immediately ordered someone to bring in two more pots of charcoal, and wiped Yun Shang's hair carefully with a towel.

After a while, Cai Yi came in. Seeing that Qin Yi was busy with her work, she said hurriedly, "Aunt Qin Yi, thank you for your hard work. Let me do it."

Qin Yi took a look at Yun Shang and stood up with a smile. She handed the handkerchief to Cai Yi. Cai Yi sat down on her knees, wiping for Yun Shang as Qin Yi did just now.

After a long time, Yun Shang asked slowly, "How is Qian Zhuo now? Did the Neishi Bureau put her to torture? "

Cai Yi hurriedly replied, "I've asked the eunuchs about it, but they didn't put her to torture. I heard that Lord Qi was very good to Qian Zhuo, so he only asked a few questions and put her in the prison. The prison is the best one. I've ordered them to prepare more quilts for her in the cold night."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, squinted, and nodded, "That's good."

Cai Yi dried Yun Shang's wet hair. Yun Shang waved her hand and said, "All right. thanks. I'll dry it next to the fire pot."

Cai Yi obeyed and put away the handkerchief, t

The air after the rain was fragrant with the smell of soil. Qin Yi got up early. It was still early in the morning. Qin Yi pushed the window open, turned around and looked at the bed. She dressed neatly and opened the door of the inner hall.

There was still a narrow compartment between the inner hall and the outer hall. Qin Yi looked around and found that Cai Yi was not inside. The quilt was folded neatly, as if it had been a while since she left.

Qin Yi called the servants to prepare water for washing. Then she returned to the inner hall and hung up the bed curtain. But she saw Yun Shang was looking at her with her eyes wide open. Qin Yi was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, "Your highness, it's time to get up. We have to go to Weiyang Palace to pay respects."

Yun Shang nodded and sat up. Before she got out of bed, she heard some messy footsteps, and then the voice of Cai Yi came from the outer hall, "Your highness, something happened. Qian Zhuo is missing."

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