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   Chapter 706 Heaven Bestows Upon Luo The Position

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Hearing that, a sympathetic look flashed across Hua Yutong's eyes. She sighed and said, "Alas, how could Lord Hua Guo be poisoned at this time?"

Yun Shang kept her head down and didn't say a word. She looked quite dispirited.

Seeing that Yun Shang didn't look good, Hua Yutong didn't want to disturb her. She comforted Yun Shang for a while and said that she would go to Lord Hua Guo's mansion. Then she stood up and said goodbye. Yun Shang asked Qian Zhuo to send Hua Yutong out.

After Hua Yutong left, Yun Shang uncovered the quilt and stood up. She walked into the bathroom to wash her face before coming out.

In the afternoon, the secret guard came back He not only got the information that the Eldest Princess liked to copy others' handwritings, but also found out something written by her from her palace.

Yun Shang looked at it carefully and a sneer emerged at the corner of her mouth. "It's really a good skill."

When she took over the book, a piece of paper dropped from it. There is a poem written on it: A heavenly god in charge of the mountains and rivers. Heaven has bestowed upon me a wild and untamable nature. Able to summon the winds and the rain, I can easily maneuver nature. Full of knowledge and holding my liquor well, I've never fancied the position of power. I don't even want to live in the Heavenly Palace, I would rather be enchanted in plum blossoms in Luoyang City.

Yun Shang squinted her eyes. She found out it was written by herself at the banquet held in the Eldest Princess's palace. At that time, the attendant took away the paper and said that the Eldest Princess had invited a learned scholar to take an assessment...

Her lips curled into a cold grin. It turned out the reason the Eldest Princess asked to take the paper away was to imitate her handwritings.

"Heaven bestows upon Luo the position?" Qian Zhuo frowned and murmured.

Yun Shang was stunned. She looked at Qian Zhuo and said, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

Qian Zhuo stuck out her tongue and pointed at the paper in Yun Shang's hand. "I am not talking nonsense, Your Highness. It is written on the back side of the paper and it seems to be Your Highness's handwritings..."

Yun Shang was taken aback. She turned the paper over, and her heart skipped a beat. As Qian Zhuo had said, on the back of the paper, there were six words "Heaven bestows upon Luo the position" and the handwriting was exactly the same as Yun Shang's.

But these six words were definitely not from Yun Shang. She turned the paper over and looked carefully at poem, finding that all these six words could be found in the poem. The handwriting was the same as that of the poem Yun Shang wrote. Every line was identical.

Yun Shang clenched the paper tighter. After a while, she sneered, "Good, very good."

These were just six simple words, but the meaning the words conveyed was enough to represent a crime of treason. Yun Shang sneered.

A trace of cruelty flashed across her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, "Ask the secret guards to arrest that old woman in Yuan mansion n

o hear a snort from his mouth.

"Sister-in-law is an excellent doctor. There must be a way to save brother, right?" The seventh prince's voice was light, but full of irony.

Yun Shang sighed. She bit her lip and said, "I have never seen such a strange poison before. I have especially investigated about the poison because 同Lord Hua Guo was poisoned yesterday. But it's really difficult to find the antidote. Even if all the herbs are well prepared, it will take two months to completely detoxify. If the poison is not completely cleared, the person who is poisoned will not wake up. I just know some medical skills, but I have no idea about these poisons."

Yun Shang looked a little anxious. She stood up and walked around the room before she raised her head and said to the seventh prince, "There is one thing I can't figure out. In the afternoon, His Highness told me that the seventh prince asked him to have a meal in the Long Feng Tower. Could Your Highness tell me what happened during the meal? Why did His Highness get poisoned while you didn't get any hurt?"

The seventh prince narrowed his eyes and said with a cold smile, "Sister-in-law, are you blaming me for not protecting brother well?"

"I don't mean to blame you. But now that Qingyan is laying here lifelessly, as his wife, I just want to know why he has been poisoned." Yun Shang calmed down. She stared at the seventh prince.

The seventh prince sneered, "I don't know why. I ate all the food that brother had eaten, but I was completely fine..."

While they were talking, footsteps came from the stairs outside. It seemed many people had come up together. Yun Shang turned around, holding Luo Qingyan's hand tightly, and looked sad.

The door was pushed open, but Yun Shang didn't look back. She heard a hurried kneeling voice from behind, "Your Majesty..."

Yun Shang seemed not aware of it. She just held Luo Qingyan's hand tightly.

After a long while, Xia Huanyu's cold voice was heard, "Lady Rui, step aside and let the imperial physician take Prince Rui's pulse."

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