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   Chapter 702 Close Relationship

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Luo Qingyan was surprised. He turned to Yun Shang, "Why are you so sure?"

Yun Shang thought for a while and said, "We walked around yesterday, and I noticed that the land in the Yuan mountain villa is all red soil, and the nearby places should be the same. Just now, I saw some yellow soil on the shoes of Granny Ying."

"It has been raining all night. Although her dress was dry, her trousers were a little wet from under her dress, and the tips of her shoes were a little wet. Her hairstyle was the same as yesterday's and even her hairpin was in the same position. Her hair end was also a little wet. I think that it was highly possible that she hadn't slept at all last night." Yun Shang said in a low but firm voice.

Luo Qingyan knocked on the chair gently. After a while, he said, "We didn't set any spies around the mountain villa. Last night, except for those secret guards I sent out, the others were guarding around our room all the time. If she left the mansion without being noticed, it would take us some time to investigate where she went."

After a pause, he continued, "But it's not completely impossible. Let the secret guard have a try.

Yun Shang kept silent for a while and said, "I don't know why she left. Let's look into it first. It doesn't matter if we can't find it out. Maybe it's just some personal reason. In addition, since it's once, there must be a second time. We could leave someone here to keep an eye on her. Anyway, a fox cannot hide its tail."

Luo Qingyan nodded slightly and said nothing, pressing his lips.

"Qian Zhuo, give me the account book they sent." Yun Shang ordered softly.

Qian Zhuo walked to the outer hall, got the account book in, and handed it to Yun Shang after carefully examination. Yun Shang opened it and found nothing unusual, so she put it aside.

After breakfast, Yun Shang didn't feel sleepy. She took Qian Ying out for a walk. Last night, she went through the bamboo forest in front of the house, behind which was the front yard of the mansio

d for us to meet His Majesty. It's true that people could only hear the laughter of the new ones, not the crying of the old ones. No wonder Lady Xian could not wait to take action..."

Yun Shang had no interest in their topic. When she was about to turn around and change a path, she heard another voice.

"Lady Xian has also been in the palace for a long time and hasn't got pregnant, but the Emperor still visits her occasionally. Poor us! However, that's all because of Lady Shu. Lady Xian used to work for Lady Shu and always eat her toads. But it worth doing. If I had known it earlier that I could get favored by His Majesty, I would have been willing to do that. " There was a touch of self-mockery in her tone.

"Yes, but there is nothing to envy. Now that Lady Shu and Lady Xian have all been sent to the Cold Palace, they are probably holding together and crying now. Although we are not favored by the Emperor, there are still some servants serving us. Our situation is much better than they are now."

The moment she finished speaking, there were several laughter.

Yun Shang frowned and turned away. She thought about the words of the concubines, and sensed something fishy. Why hasn't anyone told her that Lady Shu and Lady Xian have such a close relationship? And it has never appeared in the information she had collected.

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