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   Chapter 635 Three Princesses

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Yun Shang could not help but feel a little guilty when she saw Hua Yutong in a total gloomy state. Anyway, the Hua family sent her to the selection mainly for Luo Qingyan. So, Prince Rui's mansion should take certain responsibility for her current situation.

Hua Yutong smiled again and said, "But there are some benefits. Before I married, there were too much rules and I was not allowed to go around. Now I'm more free.

Yun Shang didn't know how to comfort her. She asked with a smile, "How's the seventh prince? Is he feeling better?"

"I heard from the servant that he was better. He went to the court this morning, so I think he is alright now." Lydia said casually, "by the way, these days, Prince ray has been in and out of the seventh Prince's mansion for two or three times. He seems to be investigating lady aria. Does the emperor hand this over to Prince ray?"

Yun Shang was a little surprised. She shook her head, "I don't know. Isn't the Vice Minister ofMinistry of Justice in charge of the case? His Highness has never told me about it."

"Really?" Hua Yutong meditated for a while and didn't ask more questions. Then she changed the topic with a smile on her face.

After a while, a servant came to report that three princesses came with their husbands.

Yun Shang thought about it and knew that they were most likely to be the three senior princesses. But she was not familiar with them. She only knew a few about them through the information sent by the secret guards and had seen them once at the seventh prince's wedding. After a moment's reflection, she turned around and said to Hua Yutong, "There princesses has come and my room is too small for all of us. Let's go to the garden house."

Hua Yutong knew nothing about these princesses. She seemed to be a little nervous and asked, "Are they easygoing?"

Yun Shang smiled and said, "I don't know much about them. I just met them once on your wedding day."

Hearing this, Hua Yutong appeare

ad the army all the time when he was in the state of Ning. When he was leading the army, he was still young, about seventeen or eighteen years old. If he was still smiling all the time, it would be difficult to convince others. Moreover, it's a military camp, which pursues force. So his highness was used to wearing a long face in front of others. Maybe he thought he could look bossy with that. If you are free, come to our mansion more often. You can naturally see his other side once you are familiar with him. "

Hearing Yun Shang's words, they were stunned for a moment, and then they laughed. "I didn't know the reason. He seemed so cold that we were afraid to talk to him."

The atmosphere in the room eased a little and they started to chat with each other. Although Yun Shang seldom gathered with people, she was not bad at it. Soon the topic was changed to dressing and make-ups. The emperor's sons in law started to talk about their topics.

They chatted for a while. Yun Shang thought no one would come at this time, so she ordered Qin Yi to prepare for the banquet.

After the meal, they took a walk in the mansion for a while. Then everyone stood up and said goodbye. Yun Shang ordered the maid to give the gifts for the Spring Festival to each person and then asked the butler to walk them out.

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