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   Chapter 629 The Mystery Of The Jiao Wei Qin

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Yun Shang smiled coldly and turned to look at Hua Yutong. "It's a pity. Yesterday, I checked tall the things she brought to the seventh prince's mansion, but I didn't see the Jiao Wei Qin. Otherwise, it could broaden my vision. However, Liu Chuchu is really special. She even didn't bring her favorite Guqin. Both of us are the kind of person who would like to take all our favorites with us. The things she brought to the seventh prince's mansion were really too few."

On hearing this, Hua Yutong became silent. It seemed that she was thinking about something. After a while, she said, "I just remembered that she brought four boxes with her. Nothing else in them except some necessities. Although I don't know her well, I know she is very talented and is picky at the four arts. In recent years, she only plays the Jiao Wei Qin, uses the peach blossom stationery and the Hui ink-stick. But these things were all not seen in the boxes brought by her yesterday. "

Yun Shang slightly upturned her fingers. It was abnormal. Something was wrong. But Yun Shang didn't know why there was such an abnormality.

Hua Yutong talked with Yun Shang for a while and then stood up to say goodbye.

Yun Shang sat on the bench for a while before she waved at Qian Zhuo, "Try to ask about a Guqin named Jiao Wei in Liu Chuchu's house."

Qian Zhuo kept slient for a while and said, "Your Highness, I'm afraid it's going to be a little difficult. It's not difficult to go to Liu Chuchu's home, but it's not easy for the secret guard to find the Jiao Wei Qin."

"The most obvious feature of the Jiao Wei Qin are some scorch marks at the end of it and that's why it is called Jiao Wei." After a pause, Yun Shang waved her hand and said, "Wait a minute. Go and bring Qian Yin here. I'll ask her to buy a dummy Jiao Wei Qin. When the secret guard finds the real one, ask him to replace the original one with the fake one."

Qian Zhuo said yes and left in a hurry to look for Qian Yin.

After giving Qian Yin the order, Yun Shang lied down on the bench for a rest again.

When Yun Shang woke up again, Luo Qingyan had returned home and was reading a book on the bench. Seeing that Yun Shang was awake, he smiled, stretched out his hand to touch Yun Shang's hair, and said softly, "I heard from Qian Zhuo that you didn't wake up until noon. But you fell asleep soon after you had lunch. Why are you so sleepy?"

Yun Shang patted Luo Qingyan's hand and glared at him. "What time is it?" Then she leaned forward and looked out of the window. It was dark. She frowned, "Have you ordered Qian Zhuo to prepare the supper?"

"I have. You like eating except sleeping." Luo Qingyan said and laughed.

Yun Shang sat up and lifted the quilt, put on her shoes and a robe, then turned to Luo Qingyan, "Is there any clue about the incident in the seventh prince's mansion?"

Luo Qingyan shook his head, "No. The yard was too clean. Today the Vice Mini

eyes. But when his eyes fell on Yun Shang's belly, he looked a little more determined.

"Wait for some time. When I get everything done, I could accompany you to go wherever you want." Luo Qingyan said lightly.

Yun Shang nodded and smiled at Luo Qingyan.

The next day, when Yun Shang woke up, it was almost noon. As soon as she got up, Qian Zhuo reported, "Yesterday, I asked the secret guard to go to the Liu Chuchu's house to look for the Jiao Wei Qin. There was a table for Guqin in her room, but the Guqin wasn't placed there. What's more, there are many things missing in the room, including writing brush, ink sticks, paper, ink stone and even the comb on the dresser. "

Hearing this, Yun Shang paused for a while and said, "It makes senses that Liu Chuchu might take them with her when she got married. But all these things are not in the boxes she brought to the seventh prince mansion..."

Qian Ying also felt strange, but she was unable to figure it out.

Yun Shang stood up and let Qian Zhuo get her dressed. She thought for a while and said, "Send a message to Li Qianmo. Ask him to check the mansion of the seventh prince again and write down a list for all the things in the four boxes. Then bring the list to me."

Qian Zhuo said yes and helped Yun Shang wear her underwear.

Yun Shang then entered the bathroom. When she was washing her face and rinsing her mouth, she heard the butler's voice from outside. But his voice was not too loud, so she didn't hear him clearly.

She quickly washed up and walked out of the bathroom. In addition to the butler and Qian Yu, there was a woman in a willow green clothes standing with her back to her. She seemed to be somewhat familiar with the figure.

Yun Shang was about to speak when she saw the lady turn around. When the woman saw Yun Shang, she smiled softly, "Your Highness, I knew you didn't get up until this time. So I came a little late. It seems I'm just in time."

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