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   Chapter 628 Hua Yutong visits

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Luo Qingyan had remained quiet all the time. When he heard that Yun Shang was not feeling well, he frowned and said, "You are pregnant now, so you don't need to worry about it. Let me send you home first."

Yun Shang nodded, turned around, smiled at Hua Yutong, and said, "I'll go back now. You've just arrived at the mansion of the seventh prince, and if you have anything, just tell the butler. I don't think the butler will ignore you."

The butler, who was standing beside, quickly responded, "Of course. If you have anything, just let me know."

Hua Yutong nodded immediately and smiled at Yun Shang, "Okay, I see."

Luo Qingyan took Yun Shang out of the seventh prince's mansion and went back in a carriage. Yun Shang frowned and asked Luo Qingyan, "Is anybody following us?"

Luo Qingyan shook his head, "No, what's wrong?"

After the carriage turn around and enter a small alley, Yun Shang asked the driver to stop the carriage. Luo Qingyan looked at Yun Shang and frowned. "What happened?"

"Nothing." Yun Shang smiled and rested her head on Luo Qingyan's chest, "Your Highness, guess who is behind all this?"

Luo Qingyan was silent for a while, and then said, "If I have to say a suspect, it would be the seventh prince. The yard is way too clean... "

"Yes, it's so clean that people have to suspect it was done by someone from the seventh prince's mansion." Yun Shang answered in a hesitant voice.

After about fifteen minutes later, and the sound of the horseshoes came. Luo Qingyan opened the curtain and looked out of the carriage. He frowned and looked at Yun Shang. "It's Li Qianmo, are you waiting for him?"

Hardly had his voice faded away, they heard Li Qianmo speak in a low voice, "Master."

Yun Shang responded and asked, "What did you want to say when we were in the courtyard?"

Li Qianmo replied, "When I investigated the crime scene, I found something strange in a rockery of the courtyard. I thought it was weird, so I wanted to let you have a look."

Rockery? Yun Shang frowned as she thought of the rockery in the yard Liu Chuchu stayed. Yun Shang lifted the curtain of the carriage, and Li qianmo handed her something like a parchment. Before Yun Shang stretched out her hand, Luo Qingyan had taken it and unfolded the parchment.

Yun Shang reached out her head and had a look. Then she frowned.

It was a map, which was very detailed. It marked the seventh Prince Mansion on the map. Every courtyard, even the path and the face of every yard were marked in detail.

"A map?" Yun Shang frowned. No matter what, this map was not supposed to be in the yard. That garden was so clean, but only this map stayed. It was clearly used to confuse people.

"The empress and the seventh prince asked you to investigate this case. Why didn't you report it to them when yo

Yesterday I was busy sorting out a dozen boxes I brought to the mansion, and I didn't find the appropriate time to see him."

"A dozen boxes?" Yun Shang smiled too. "What did you bring with you?"

"I don't think there is anything special. They are just clothes, shoes, jewelries, my favorite books, as well as writing brush, ink sticks, paper and ink stone, instrument, chess, calligraphy, paintings, embroidered kit. There are three boxes of books alone. When I saw them yesterday, I was also shocked. How could I need so many things? " Hua Yutong smiled and said, "But I have got used to them. I will feel not right if I have to use some new things instead of them."

Yun Shang smiled too. "You are right. I brought a chef from the State of Ning here when I came to the State of Xia. I feared that I would not get used to the food here."

After a pause, something suddenly flashed through her mind. She frowned and said, "Are you familiar with Liu Chuchu?"

"Liu Chuchu?" Maybe it was because of what happened yesterday, the smile on Hua Yutong's face disappeared when they talked about Liu Chuchu. "I've heard about her before, but I was sent out of the Jin City when I was young because of my poor health. I only heard that she was so talented that she could write elegant composition when she was only seven or eight and she was proficient at the Four Arts. I have heard her playing Guqin at a banquet before. It was indeed impressive. And the Guqin she played was a Jiao Wei Qin awarded to her by the emperor... "

"Really? A Jiao Wei Qin awarded to her by the emperor? " Yun Shang frowned and murmured.

Hua Yutong nodded her head and replied, "I heard that at a banquet held by the emperor, Liu Chuchu, who was only nine years old at that time, was highly praised by the emperor for the tune 'High mountains and Running water' and was awarded the Jiao Wei Qin.

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