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   Chapter 619 Love Between Us

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 6814

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Yun Shang stopped outside the garden house, and listened attentively to the sounds in the garden house for a long time, but she didn't hear anyone speak. She thought for a moment, and then managed to collect herself. An excited look appeared on her face as she walked quickly into the garden house.

Yun Shang looked up and saw the empress sitting on the front seat. Before the empress said anything, Yun Shang quickly stepped forward and knelt down. "Congratulations, your majesty. His majesty has returned safely!"

The empress was about to scold Yun Shang when she saw Yun Shang walk in. She frowned when Yun Shang spoke in such a manner. Then she heard what Yun Shang said and stayed where she was, as if surprised.

After a long while, the empress asked incredulously, "what did you say?"

Yun Shang hurriedly added, "Your Majesty, just now Lord Hua Guo with the imperial guards stopped the funeral procession of the Liu clan, and found the emperor and Prince Rui in the spiritual carriage. The emperor and Prince Rui were fed with soothing soup, but they were fine now. Lord Hua Guo has sent his majesty back to the palace... "

Hearing Yun Shang's words, the empress couldn't wait any more. She stood up and walked out with her servants.

After the empress had gone far, Lady Hua Guo held Yun Shang up and asked, "is it true? Is Qingyan all right? "

Yun Shang smiled and nodded. She looked at the excited Lady Hua Guo and said, "yes, grandmother. Qingyan is fine. The Butler has sent him back to the yard. Grandmother, come with me to see him."

"Okay." The Lady Hua Guo said to Yun Shang excitedly. Then she held Yun Shang's hand, rushed into the yard. Qian Zhuo just helped Luo Qingyan settle down. When she saw Yun Shang and the Lady Hua Guo, she greeted, "your highness, Lady Hua Guo."

Noticing that both of them fixed their eyes on the person on the bed, she continued, "I have helped the prince lie down just now. His Highness is fine, and the soothing soup is a bit rapid. I will decoct some medicine first. Af

to get them, and she couldn't be too far away. Maybe she ran away when the imperial guards and the funeral procession clashed. " Said Lady Hua Guo, smiling at Yun Shang when she saw there was a serious look on Yun Shang's face.

"Don't worry. The power she has worked hard to build up has been taken away by you. Even if she wants to do something, she doesn't have the ability. I'm sure the emperor is going to make big efforts to catch her. She is going to have a hard time. "

Yun Shang nodded and smiled, "I hope so."

Lady Hua Guo stood up and said, "Qingyan is fine. I'm going back. When Qingyan wakes up, bring him to our mansion and chat with me. The weather is getting colder and colder, and I don't want to go out. "

Yun Shang consented, and escorted Lady Hua Guo out of the yard, asking Qian Zhuo to escort her out. Then she returned to her chamber. Back in her room, Yun Shang stood at the bedside and looked at her for a while. Then she lay down next to Luo Qingyan, who was warm. Yun Shang breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep soon.

However, Yun Shang didn't know that the man by her side opened his eyes soon after she fell asleep. He looked around in surprise, and turned his head to see the woman sleeping soundly beside him.

"Shang'er?" With a bit of surprise in his eyes, he called her and his voice was a little hoarse.

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