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   Chapter 616 A Head On Confrontation (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-27 00:02

Heading outside the Jin city?

Yun Shang couldn't help but frown, with puzzlement evident in her eyes. Why was he going out of the city? Yun Shang thought it over and suddenly stood up. She slapped on the armrest and said, "I see! It's the funeral group of Lady Liu! "

As soon as she finished speaking, Qian Zhuo whispered in Yun Shang's ear. She told Yun Shang that the secret guard who went to the Mansion of the Liu clan to investigate came back.

Yun Shang immediately asked the secret guard to come and asked him. The secret guard answered in a hurry, "Your Highness, I was ordered to find lady Liu's personal servant in her mansion, but I found her body lying in a remote room in the mansion."

The dead body of Lady Liu was still in the room, but who was in the coffin of the funeral group?

Yun Shang's heart skipped a beat as she hurried to speak to Lord Hua Guo and Liu Ming, "Mr. Liu, gather the imperial army and lead them to check on the Mansion of the Liu clan while grandfather goes to stop the funeral procession."

Lord Hua Guo and Liu Ming immediately said yes and hurried out of the flower house.

Yun Shang's face was pale. Her heart was beating very fast. After a moment of silence, she stood up and said, "no, I have to go and have a look as well."

Hearing her words, Lady Hua Guo immediately held Yun Shang by the arm and said, "everyone can go except you. You're pregnant now. It's not safe for you to go. Don't worry. Since things have gone this far, your grandpa will surely bring Qingyan back safely. "

Yun Shang had no choice but to sit down again. After a while, Lady Hua Guo suddenly couldn't sit still. She stood up and said to Yun Shang, "I ha

ying tears on his face, but he was pointing at Lord Hua Guo, with blue veins on his forehead and a loud voice. "What are you going to do? Are you not afraid of karma if you do something like this? "

Lord Hua Guo sneered in a cold way, unwilling to show weakness. "I should have asked you that question. How dare you, Liu Jin! " After that, he waved his hand and ordered the guards without looking at Liu Jin, "search!"

"Wait a minute!" A voice suddenly rang up. Yun Shang turned around and saw Liu Yinfeng come out of the procession to the very front, "Lord Hua Guo was so aggressive. He has brought the imperial guards to stop the procession of my adoptive mother's funeral. Anyway, you should explain to us what is happening."

Lord Hua Guo's face darkened at his words. He sneered coldly, "ridiculous!"

Yun Shang didn't want Lord Hua Guo to be in conflict with Liu Yinfeng, so she said quickly, "grandfather, take the imperial guards to search for him. I'll explain it to Mister Liu."

Only then did the people find Yun Shang coming near. Lord Hua Guo frowned seeing her. "What brings you here? You are too careless!"

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