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   Chapter 611 Rumors

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Lady Hua Guo sighed, "It has been ten days since Qingyan was missing. There's still no news. I'm really worried about him. The imperial guards have also been looking for him for two days. When can they get some clues? "

Yun Shang was also very worried. Seeing that Lady Hua Guo frowned and worried, she comforted, "His Highness deliberately sent himself to the kidnapper and that morning when he left, he left the secret guards in the mansion. He wouldn't have taken the risk if he didn't have full assurance. Please don't worry, mother. I believe there will be news soon."

Lady Hua Guo patted Yun Shang on the hand, and nodded, "I hope so. Qingyan hasn't known that he will be a father soon. I'm sure he'll be very happy if he knows this. "

Hearing her words, Yun Shang was also started looking forward to the birth of the baby. Her pregnancy made both surprised and delighted, but less delighted with no one to share with. If Luo Qingyan knows this, he must be very happy. He has been wanted a baby for long.

Lady Hua Guo stared at Yun Shang for a while before she said with a smile, "I was so worried when I heard that you were pregnant and left the Jin City secretly. Now that you and the unborn baby are all fine, I'm relieved. I haven't been back to my mansion for several days. I will go back to have a look. Your mansion is so big and you are the only master here with no one to talk with. Why don't you come with me to Lord Hua Guo's mansion? I felt you get on quite well with my granddaughter-in-law..."

Yun Shang thought for a while and shook her head. "I'll stay here and wait for His Highness. He will feel lonely and uncomfortable if few people are in the mansion when he comes back."

"Well, you are so good to my poker faced grandson. I'll go to pack up and return to my mansion. I'll come to see you often." Then she stood up, and walked out with the help of her maids.

Noticing that grandmother's legs were a little stiff, Yun Shang followed her out of the inner room, and said gently, "It's getting colder these days. I'll take some tonics for you and grandpa to your mansion when I'm free. You could boil and drink it and your knee joints won't hurt so much even on the cold and wet days."

Lady Hua Guo turned to Yun Shang and smiled, "you have a pair of sharp eyes. I wander around every day in your mansion, and no one found that. But you've noticed it just after I walked a few steps. I've heard that your medical skills are also good. Then I'll wait for your tonics."

Yun Shang escorted Lady Hua Guo back to her room, and watched her maids packing. Yun Shang asked the servant to prepare the carriage and put a thick cushion made of fox fur on the stool. Then she sent someone to put a brazier in it to warm the carriage up.


"Who is it? Lady Shu has been in the Cold Palace for a long time, but someone is thinking about her."

Qian Yin shook her head, "The Imperial Palace is heavily guarded recently. The news is sent out by Qian Qian. She said that the one masked his face and he is so good at Qinggong that the secret failed to catch up with him. But he seems to be familiar with the environment of the Imperial Palace. He must be from the palace."

Yun Shang grinned and said in a low voice, "Go on watching the Cold Palace, the cat will come out of the bag. We don't have time to find out who the one is."

Then she took another sip of tea and looked up at Qian Yin. "Well, how long has Lady Liu died?" Is there any funeral?"

Qian Yin turned her head and thought before answering, "It's been five days. No funeral yet. It's said that funerals will be hold seven days later after death in the State of Xia."

"Then it will be the day after tomorrow." Yun Shang murmured.

Qian Yin hurriedly asked, "What do you want to do? You are pregnant now. It will be ominous to go to the funeral. Now the whole Jin City knows that your pregnancy is not stable and you need to have a rest quietly. If the people of the Liu clan invite you, you could take it as an excuse to refuse. "

Yun Shang couldn't help laughing, "Ominous? I didn't say I'm going. I'm just checking. Grandmother told me that I could ask Lady Liu's maids something about Lady Liu. I think it must be chaos at the funeral, so I can send someone to take one of Lady Liu's maid out."

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Qian Yin was a little relieved. She said, "I'll ask someone to make an arrangement. By the way, there are some rumors out there about the death of Lady Liu. It was said that three or four days before her death, she had a big fight with Minister Liu, which almost made her faint with anger."

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