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   Chapter 610 A Strange Hairpin (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 4728

Updated: 2020-03-25 00:35

"She is in a trance and repeated the question for several times. She looks pale as if she has lost her soul..." Yun Shang couldn't help but frown and a question kept looping in her mind. "Why did lady Liu come to my mansion to look for me? What did she want?"

Lady Hua Guo also had a frown on her face, as if she was lost in thought.

Yun Shang waved to the butler and asked him to leave. The Butler bowed to them again and retreated to the door. When he was about to turn around and leave, something suddenly came to his mind. He stopped and turned around in a hurry. He said to Yun Shang, "by the way, your ladyship, there is something strange. A few days ago, a little beggar brought a box and wanted to give it to your ladyship. He said someone ordered him to do so."

"A box?" Yun Shang looked up at the butler and asked, "what's that box?"

The Butler quickly answered, "Your Highness, you were not home. So I'll put the box away and I will fetch it for you right away."

Yun Shang nodded her head. Then the Butler left in a hurry to get the box for her.

Yun Shang turned to look at Lady Hua Guo, confusion evident in her eyes. "The Butler said that lady Liu wanted to tell me something. But I'm not familiar with her, so what is it?"

Lady Hua Guo was also confused. "I don't know either. And I can't think of anything. As she is gone, we can't find a way to ask her anymore. But you can find

said, "but we'd better call someone to bring the little beggar here and ask a painter to draw the portrait of the women's hair accessories, facial shape, eyebrow shape, nose shape and mouth. The little beggar will identify which one looks like the woman more, and then combine all these features before letting the little beggar have a look. And by the way, ask the little beggar if he had seen that woman these days. If he had seen her, then where have they met? "

The Butler answered yes and left.

"Few people in the Jin City can afford a purple jade hairpin like this. You can inquire about it in secret. And I believe that you will find it out soon." Said Lady Hua Guo in an indifferent tone.

Yun Shang nodded her head slightly, "but if the hairpin has something to do with a serious matter, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for me to investigate around like this. Let's ask the little beggar first to see if we can get some clues."

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