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   Chapter 609 A Strange Hairpin (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-25 00:23

Yun Shang was surprised. Shock was evident in her eyes. "What did you say? Lady Liu is gone? You mean... She... She is dead? "

Yun Shang was afraid that she might have misunderstood what Qian Liu meant, so she expressed her curiosity. Shock was written all over her face.

Qian Liu nodded her head and said, "yes, four or five days after we left the Jin City and she died. When I just got to know it, I was also shocked. The Liu clan held a funeral for her, and they said that she died of illness. But the last time we saw Lady Liu in the Princess Palace, she was in good spirits and didn't look like a patient at all. Moreover, I have sent people to inquire about it secretly. No doctor was ever called in the Mansion of the Liu clan during that time. "

"That is to say, her dying of illness is very likely to be an excuse of the Liu clan. There must be a lot of hidden facts about her death, so they do not dare to make it to the public." Yun Shang has a frown on her face and murmured to herself. Then she went silent for a while, biting her lip, and finally said, "I remember that when we were about to leave the city, we received a message from the mansion. It said that lady Liu had come to visit me, but the Butler found an excuse to make her go back because I was not in the mansion at that time."

Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo also thought about it when Yun Shang mentioned it. Qian Liu also felt a little strange, "is there something that Lady Liu wanted to tell her highness?"

After a short silence, Yun Shang stood up and said, "have a good rest. I'll ask the butler about it. Don't worry about everything in the mansion. I'll arrange for someone to take care of it. Your task is to take good care of yourself these days and recover as soon as possible."

Qian Liu replied with a "yes". Then Yun Shang took Qian Zhuo out and went back to her room. At that time, the Lad

and continued, "when I arrived at the garden house, I saw lady Liu. She seemed to be in a trance. Seeing me, she stood up in a hurry and almost overturned the teacup on the table. She said she heard that Lady Rui was in poor health and wanted to visit her as she passed by the Lady Rui. And she asked me is it convenient for her to visit your highness.

Your Highness, you were not home. I have to reply to her that your highness are very weak. The physician said your highness can only stay in bed for recuperation. I'm afraid that she can't see the guests for the time being. Lady Liu asked me many times. Although I felt strange, it was impossible to let her see you when you were out. So I refused her. In the end, I saw lady Liu. She looked pale and spiritless. I've asked her many times about her health, but she always said she was okay. I aske her if she had something urgent to talk to your highness, and if she needed me to convey the message. Lady Liu seemed to hesitate before she waved her hand and told me to forget it. Then she sat in the garden house for a while before she stood up and left. " The Butler had noticed that both Yun Shang and Lady Hua Guo paid much attention to the accident, so he explained it in detail as much as possible.

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