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   Chapter 605 Go Back Home Hurriedly (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5856

Updated: 2020-03-24 06:51

Trembling like a lamb, the governor of the city replied, "it's a long story. Since six or seven years ago, there have been many gangsters in the Mount Kirin, who specially rob people and food. I have also brought my men up the mountain to suppress bandits, but those bandits are too rampant and much outnumbered. We were defeated several times. I turned to look for the governor of higher rank for several times, but he didn't deal with it. Fortunately, those people had never done something bad to the people in the Qian City, so I turned a blind eye to them. Therefore, we can sell more rice per month than we actually use. I think the blunders around are the doing of... "

"Aha... What kind of robber would it be? Sixty thousand? It was a good excuse. We are going back to the Jin city to report this matter to his majesty. Governor, if there is nothing else, please leave. I will report the matter to his majesty. The majesty will determine which is the truth. Commander Liu, see him out!" Yun Shang ordered Liu Ming to send the Governor out.

Soon the palace guards came to a halt. Yun Shang went out of the yard with Liu Ming, got on the horses and headed for the Jin city with them.

As the palace was flanked by several soldiers, they moved a little bit fast. Worried about Yun Shang, Qian Zhuo found a carriage to let her rest.

Although Qian Liu was on her way to the Jin City, she kept sending letters about the progress of the case on her way here.

As for the progress of the matter, so far, it had been very smooth. The secret guard who had searched for the messenger of the eldest princess had found three people of her, and had dealt with them on the way, and had found letters on them. It was exactly as Yun Shang had expecte

little slow to go with the palace guards in such a carriage, so prepare a horse for me. Let's go to the Prince Rui's mansion first. Nothing will happen this time."

Qian Zhuo thought for a while before she responded yes. She found a horse, as well as enough secret guards and a small team of palace guards, and galloped to the Jin city.

The next day, Yun Shang arrived at the Jin city just after dawn. Because Qian Yin had already received the news, she came to pick her up early in the morning. Without being stopped, Yun Shang went straight back to the Prince Rui's mansion from the back door as soon as she entered the city.

As expected, Lady Hua Guo really stayed in the mansion. When she saw Yun Shang, she goggled at her and shouted, "how dare you! Ning Yun Shang!"

While they were talking, the Butler came in a hurry. When he saw Yun Shang, he seemed to be surprised and relieved immediately. He said in a hurry, "you're finally back, your highness. A servant in the Palace said that the empress was asking you to go to the palace, and I'm just thinking about discussing what to do with it with Lady Hua Guo, your highness. Fortunately, you're back."

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