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   Chapter 600 The Qian City

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Yun Shang was about to lead them to the next inn. The attendant had been staring at them for a long time before he opened his mouth again. "Forget it. We have several staff rooms in the backyard. Given there are only seven of you and you are all men, I could spare three rooms for you. I'm afraid that you can't find a vacant room no matter where you go at this time. "

Yun Shang thought for a while, and realized that the attendant was telling the truth. She nodded and said, "Thank you."

The attendant sent someone to settle the horse and then led them into the inn. "Guests, please wait in the hall for a moment. The rooms are being cleaned. Would you like me some tea?"

"Yes, and we need some dishes. We haven't have even one good meal during our journey." Qian Zhuo ordered.

The waiter quickly responded. Qian Liu added, "make two or three light dishes and some signature dish here."

The attendant's eyes lit up as soon as he heard the words. "Okay!"

A smile curved Yun Shang's lips as she listened to Qian Liu's words. She quietly put her hand on her abdomen. Fortunately, the child in her belly was sensible. Although the journey was hard, there was no discomfort in it.

It was not lunchtime, so there were only them in the hall. But there were guests coming downstairs from time to time, looking for the attendant.

After a while, the dishes were served and they had some food. Then the attendant came and said, "Guests, the rooms are ready. This way please."

They followed the attendant to the back yard, which was simple with only two stone tables and several stone chairs. In front of them was a row of rooms. The attendant led them to the rightmost room and said, "Sir, these three rooms are all yours. The rooms are very simple, please forgive us for that."

Qian Liu took out some pieces of silver from her sleeve and gave it to the attendant, smiling, "Thanks."

The attendant exited in delight. Liu Ming said, "One room for Lady Rui, one for two girls and the rest of us share another room"

Yun Shang smiled and shook her head. "No, I and Qian Liu, Qian Zhuo just need one room. I'm get used to having they two accompany me." Commander Liu, please come with me. Let's discuss the plan for tomorrow. "

Before Liu Ming could say anything, Yun Shang had already turned around and opened the door. Liu Ming was stunned for a while. Then he followed in. The room was indeed simple as the attendant said. There was only a bed, a table, and a shelf with a basin and a handkerchief.

But Yun Shang didn't care about it at all. She went to the table and sat down. She smiled to Liu Ming, "Take a seat, Mr. Liu."

Before Liu Ming could react, Yun Shang took out the map and spread it on the table. "It has already started drawing attention that ma

mmediately, "I'll go to check out."

Yun Shang nodded and followed Liu Ming out of the inn.

The house Liu Ming found was near the inn. It was small, but clean and quiet.

Victor Liu sat behind Yun Shang. He frowned, as if he had something on his mind. Yun Shang looked at him for a long time and asked with a smile, "Commander Liu, is there anything on your mind?"

Liu Ming paused as if he was in a dilemma. Yun Shang stared at him for a long time before he stamped his feet. He said anxiously, "I heard that Your Highness is pregnant?"

Yun Shang smiled. Commander Liu was a good man, but he was honest in character. If she told him that she was pregnant, he would kneel down and beg for Yun Shang to stay. Thinking of this, Yun Shang smiled. "Commander Liu, what rumors have you heard in the Jin City?"

Liu Ming blushed and shook his head. "I have never paid attention to these rumors. I was told by a palace guard."

Yun Shang understood, "Oh, I see. Did he tell you everyone in the Jin City knows that because of worrying too much about Prince Rui, I have been in bad health and the unborn baby is in danger at any time. Hence, I can only rest on the bed every day, even hard to get off the bed. Commander Liu, look at me, do you believe it?"

Liu Ming shook his head in a daze. The lady in front of him wearing men's clothing had rode a horse for four days. If she was really pregnant, she wouldn't have let herself be so exhausted.

Yun Shang continued, "Commander Liu, you know the news of Prince Rui's missing. The Eldest Princess took both the Emperor and Prince Rui away. She is very ambitious. And There have been a lot of people keeping an eye on us outside Prince Rui's mansion for a long time. If I didn't play tricks, how could I escape from the eyes of the Eldest Princess and walk out of the mansion without being noticed? "

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