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   Chapter 598 Test Yun Shang

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Liu Ming looked at Yun Shang and remained silent for a long time before he said, "Lady Rui, now that the token is in your hand and you could find me, I will definitely obey your order."

Yun Shang smiled and nodded. She walked Liu Ming through what happened recently. She took out the map left by Luo Qingyan and handed it to him. "The Eldest Princess has hidden her soldiers in nearly ten different places, each of which has about 20, 000 or 30, 000 soldiers. There must be a way to contact each other among these spots. Once there was something wrong at one spot, they would quickly send a signal to others, letting the soldiers in the other spots either rescue or be alert. So we must have enough people to attack these spots at the same time, and destroy them all in one go. "

Liu Ming didn't respond. He looked carefully at the map on his desk. After a long time, he raised his head and said, "It's the best that we can take them down at the same time as Lady Rui said. But if we can't, we still have to try every means to stop them from sending signals, so that we can buy time."

After saying that, he turned to Yun Shang again. "Your Highness, if you were the Eldest Princess, what kind of method will you use to send a signal that could be seen by soldiers in all these places at the same time?"

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and smiled. She knew that Liu Ming was not convinced. She took the token to him at the midnight, wanting to order the palace guards. But, Liu Ming was being polite to her because of the token in her hand, not because of her. So, he wanted to test Yun Shang to see if she was capable enough to make the palace guards convinced.

Yun Shang fixed her eyes on the map. She had studied it many times and almost remembered it in her mind, but she never thought how the soldiers in different places get contact with each other.

If it was some common method, it would be fireworks, letters, pigeons or sound signals. But these methods were all limited. Fireworks could not be seen in the day. Letters or pigeons would take a long time, and the special sounds could only be heard from close distance.

Obviously, none of these methods could be adopted by them.

Yun Shang looked carefully at the spots circled by Luo Qingyan, which scattered around the Qian Fo Temple.

Yun Shang's hands trembled. What did she think of just now? All these spots were scattered around the Qian Fo Temple. Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. The Eldest Princess claimed to be a Buddhist and spent most of her time in the Qian Fo Temple, so these soldiers were all hidden near the temple.

Yun Shang put her hand on a spot next to the Qian Fo Temple. She squinted a little and a bright smile appeared on her face. Then she


Yun Shang answered in a low voice. She felt her head heavy. As soon as she closed her eyes, she could no longer open them. Soon she fell asleep.

It was already afternoon when Yun Shang woke up. She opened the bed curtain, but didn't see Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo. So she called them slightly, and Qian Liu pushed the door open and came in.

"Are you awake, Your Highness?" Qian Liu smiled as she helped Yun Shang put her clothes on. "The clothes was specially prepared for you by Sister Qian Shui. It's not like the clothes with wide sleeves you usually wear, but it's very light and convenient to move."

Yun Shang smiled after a pause. "I prefer men's clothing."

Qian Liu was stunned. She patted her own head and said, "I have forgotten that Qian Yin once told me that Your Highness likes wearing men's clothing when going out. I will prepare it now. It's cold outside. You'd better go back to your bed, Your Highness."

As soon as Qian Liu went out, Qian Zhuo came in. "The maid told me that Lady Liu went to our mansion to visit you afternoon. The butler told her that you are taking a nap and the physician asked you to stay in bed. Lady Liu left just after sitting in the garden house for a while."

Yun Shang frowned at her words and turned to Qian Zhuo, "Lady Liu? I am not familiar with her. Why did she visit me? "

Yun Shang kept silent for a while and said, "Keep an eye on the Mansion of the Liu clan. If anything goes wrong, send the secret guards to report to me."

Qian Zhuo nodded and went on, "The rumor about His Majesty grew more and more. Some even said that his Majesty was seriously ill. Someone said that His Majesty had been missing and boded ill rather than well. Because of these rumors, everyone is jittery, and the contacts between officials are getting more frequently ... "

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