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   Chapter 587 Panic (Part One)

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However, Yun Shang was stopped as soon as she got out of the door, and she was stopped by the secret guard sent to her by Luo Qingyan. "Your Highness, his Highness has given me an order before leaving. If you return to the mansion, you'd better not go out again. The situation is unpredictable in the city now. His highness is worried about your safety, please go back to the mansion."

Yun Shang was surprised. She recalled that Luo Qingyan had sent a lot of secret guards to follow her, but she didn't expect that she was really stopped. She let out a sigh and could do nothing about it, though anxious. She frowned and turned back to the Prince Rui's mansion.

She felt restless even after she got back to her room. If the eldest princess really kidnapped Xia Huanyu, she had no way out. There were only two ways for her to do so. One was to pretend that the emperor had given the order, which was extremely risky. She had to prevent someone with greater ambition from saying that Xia Huanyu was dead and became an emperor himself. After all, the eldest princess was a woman, which was against the common sense. She was afraid that it's not going to be good if someone had taken advantage.

The second was to hold the other princes in the court in hands, or simply kill them, so that they could directly ascend to the throne. Although this method was a little difficult, it was the safest one for them. Now Xia Huanyu was in the hands of the eldest princess, and Prince Qi was not a threat to them when he was still in the Qi City. The eldest princess' next target was either the seventh prince, or Luo Qingyan.

Yun Shang paced back and forth in the room anxiously. She turned around and saw Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo in the room. She said to them, "you don't have to be here with me. Go to help the prince."


Lord Hua Guo were summoned in the palace."

Yun Shang's hand with the pen paused a little before she put the pen on the pen shelf. She looked at the map on the table silently and murmured, "Su Qi, Liu Jin, Lord Hua Guo..."

The three of them were the head of the state, civil and military officials. It was normal for them to be summoned into the palace. However, it could also be the imperial guards' military order tokens in their hands. Although Luo Qingyan got another token, it was not ready to show it unless it was a critical moment. Since something had happened to Xia Huanyu, he should have dispatched the imperial guards to search for him.

But if they really transferred the imperial guards, the news of Xia Huanyu's accident could no longer be concealed. Once the news came out, the court would certainly be thrown into chaos immediately.

Yun Shang stood up and turned to Qian Liu and said, "go and find me the map near the Qian Fo Temple on the bookshelf."

Taking the order, Qian Zhuo walked to the bookshelf and looked for the map one by one.

Just when she was looking for it, a maid came in from the outside, "your highness, Lady Hua Guo from Lord Hua Guo's mansion asks to see you."

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