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   Chapter 586 Trouble Arises

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Something happened in the city? Yun Shang frowned. Judging from his clothes, the man must be an Imperial bodyguard. But Yun Shang was not sure which troop he belonged to. However, since he could find their mansion easily, he was most likely a spy arranged in the city by Luo Qingyan. But what on earth had happened?

Yun Shang turned around and cast glance at Qian Liu. Qian Liu understood what Yun Shang meant immediately. She nodded and left quietly. Yun Shang said to everyone with a smile, "Just ignore them. Today is a big day for Luo Yi and Qian Yin. We can't spoil the atmosphere because of these trifles. Check how much time left before the chosen hour. I'm afraid the groom is eager to start the wedding ceremony and take the bride to the bridal chamber."

They all burst into laughter on hearing Yun Shang's words. Luo Yi blushed, scratching his head.

The matchmaker said quickly, "No hurries. Seven minutes left."

Suddenly, the matchmaker exclaimed, "Wedding time! Groom and bride, please get ready."

Luo Yi hold Qian Yin's hand and knelt down with her. The matchmaker went on, "Kowtow to worship parents."

Luo Yi said with a smile, "Both Qian Yin and I have lost our parents. Without Prince Rui and Lady Rui's kindness, it would be impossible for us to reach where we are. It is them who have given us a new life, and they deserve our worship." Then he and Qian Yin kowtowed to them.

Yun Shang's eyes became a little wet. After a while, she smiled and said, "Okay, okay."

"Now kowtow to worship the heaven." Then Luo Yi and Qian Yin turned around and kowtowed toward outside.

"Kowtow to worship your spouse." Luo Yi and Qian Yin kowtowed to each other.

"It's done. Send them to the bridal chamber. " As soon as the matchmaker finished, everyone began to tease the groom again. "You have to come out and drink with us. Don't be reluctant to come out of the bridal chamber because of the bride's beauty."

Luo Yi blushed scarlet. She held Qian Yin and walked towards the back hall. But he was in a panic and almost tripped over the big red flower made of red silk pulled in the middle. Everyone laughed again before they send the new couple in

ing had happened in the Imperial Palace, not in the city. Things happened in Yunqi Palace. There was no doubt that Lady Yun was working for the Eldest Princess. The Eldest Princess was afraid that things would be exposed, so she took the initiative to gain the upper hand.

A few moments later, the secret guards came back, confirming the maid's words that there was nothing unusual in the city, but the Imperial Palace was suddenly guarded. And he said the Prince Rui had gone straight to the Imperial Palace after left the wedding.

"I've ordered to keep an eye on the Princess Palace. Is there anything unusual in the Princess Palace these days?" Yun Shang asked softly.

The secret guard quickly shook his head. "After the banquet, no one has come or left the Princess Palace except the servants in charge of daily shopping."

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. There must be something wrong with the servants.

Yun Shang thought for a while and stood up. She told the servants to prepare a carriage, "I've got to visit the Princess Palace."

Qian Zhuo quickly flung out an arm to hold Yun Shang back and said, "Your Highness, I'm afraid the Eldest Prince has already left. If you go there now, you might be in danger."

"I have to go to check. There is nothing unusual in the city now. I can pretend that I haven't known anything. Prepare the gift and the invitation. We are going to visit the Princess Palace. " Yun Shang said and went out.

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