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   Chapter 580 Testing

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 9844

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Yun Shang smiled and looked at Su Ruying in the bronze mirror. "You are lucky that the Empress adores you and is willing to say intimate words to you. I'll just forget what you said just now. But If I say that in front of others, I'm afraid it would bring trouble to the Empress. It was forbidden for ladies in the imperial household to get involved in politics. If His Majesty knew it, you'll have to face his wrath and punishment."

Su Ruying realized that she had walked into Yun Shang's trap. She gritted her teeth and said, "I am just trying to help. Now rumors said that you are a jealous woman, forcing Prince Rui not to marry any other concubines. People in the State of Xia all think that a man should marry a virtuous woman as his wife. The rumors about you will be unfavorable to both you and Prince Rui.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. Her expression didn't change at all. "Whatever, I am not able to make others shut up. And I don't care what they talk about me. It's my own life, none of their business."

Su Ruying didn't expect such an answer. She paused for a moment and said, "it's not a bad thing for you if Prince Rui marry a concubine. And if she has a good family background, Prince Rui would get more support, which would make it easier for him to get the highest position. Even if Prince Rui marry some concubines, you are still his wife. The higher position Prince Rui gets, the more honorable you are."

After fixing Yun Shang's hair and putting the mandarin ducks hairpin in the bun, Qian Liu lowered her head and asked Yun Shang in a low voice, "Your Highness, do you like it?"

Yun Shang nodded and smiled, "Pretty good." Then she turned to look at Su Ruying and asked, "Miss. Su, does the hairpin look good?"

Su Ruying was confused why Yun Shang asked, but she still cast a glance at the hairpin. "The color is bright and the mandarin ducks pattern is exquisite. It looks good."

"That's what I think as well. Qingyan once praised this hairpin, not because how bright the color is or how exquisite the pattern is, just because the pattern of this hairpin is a pair of mandarin ducks. Mandarin ducks are thought to be representing everlasting love. They are also known as love ducks. Once they get separated, they won't be able to live for a long time. They become lonely and keep waiting for their partner to come back till death does them apart. Polygamy is common in the world and most men are changeable and capricious and always had new women around. Qingyan and I love each other deeply and don't want anyone come between us. Those people think it's not good and normal, but how could they understand our happiness unless they experience it themselves?" It's good to have power and wealth, but that might not be what Qingyan and I pursue. Even if it is, we don't necessarily need help from others to get it." Yun Shang flashed a gentle smile, and fixed her eyes on Su Ruying. She hesitated before letti

few months, almost none of the ministers have visited him. It's easy to distinguish who is the sincere one. She is such a kind and gentle woman. How could she be like what Mrs. Liu said? Mrs. Liu might have been deluded by someone else and she couldn't even tell whether it's true or not. So just pretend as if you don't know the matter and don't spread rumors."

Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo said yes. Then they started to talk about some other trivial things. About fifteen minutes later, Qian Liu said in a low voice, "gone."

Yun Shang curled her lips. "His Highness and I happened to visit the Eldest Princess the other day when Liu Jin was in the Princess Palace. Even we didn't see him, I'm afraid she was still suspicious of us. So the one outside just now must be sent by her. We'd better not talk about this since we're in her palace."

Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo nodded. When Yun Shang was about to go on. Qian Zhuo suddenly said, "Someone is coming."

"Is Lady Rui in the chamber?" Someone asked outside.

Qian Liu rushed to the door and opened the curtain. "Yes, she is. Do you have anything?"

The servant answered, "Prince Rui was waiting Lady Rui in the fifth gust room on the left hand. He ordered me to inform."

Qian Liu thanked him, and heard the man's footsteps receding.

Qian Zhuo hold the cloak and said, "It's dry and warm. Put it on, Your Highness."

Yun Shang nodded. She stood up, put on her cloak, and handed over the thermos flask. Then Yun Shang took it and walked towards the door. When she arrived at the door, she suddenly stopped, "something's wrong. Your highness told me to send a servant I don't know at all."

Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo also paused. Qian Liu thought for a moment and said, "Your Highness, you think there is a trap?"

Yun Shang nodded slightly and went back to the room, "Qian Liu, go and check whether His Highness is really in that room."

Nodding in a hurry, Qian Liu lifted the curtains and left.

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