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   Chapter 577 Tangled Red Threads

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 9786

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Yun Shang raised her hand to touch the hairpin. She smiled faintly, "His Highness said mandarin ducks represent lasting love and asked me to wear it. I think it's not bad in style and I like it a lot."

After Yun Shang finished her words, Shen Yilan Hua took her hand and led her to the chair next to several senior ladies from the Hua Family. As soon as they sat down, a servant came into the room. "Good day, everyone. The Eldest Princess prepared a little game in the courtyard and invited all of you to take part in it."

Hearing that, Luo Qingyan's aunt smiled. "Ask the young people to play the game. We're too old to jump or run."

The servant hastily answered, "Lady Hua, don't worry. It's just a drinking game. You don't have to move. You'll be divided into pairs, but you can't choose your partners by yourselves. So let's play a little game to decide who will be in the same group.

"Really?" As the senior ladies present were all proficient in the four arts when they were young, drinking game would definitely be easy for them. And the way of grouping intrigued them. "We'll be divided into pairs by a little game?" Interesting. I wonder what the game is."

The servant replied, "Please follow me."

They looked at each other and followed the servant. When they stepped out of the room, they couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment. The plum-tree forest was covered in mist.

Rushing to the plum-tree forest, the servant smiled and said, "Fifteen red threads has been put in the misty forest. And we happen to have ten ladies and ten gentlemen here. Five ladies and five gentlemen, please stand on the left side and pick up a red thread casually. The rest, please stand on the right side and do the same.

Raising her eyebrows, Yun Shang exchanged a look with Luo Qingyan. Coldness suddenly flashed in their eyes. Yun Shang had once been framed by Hua Jing in the Qianshui Tower. She was getting suspicious of the mist. There must be something fishy in the plum-tree forest.

All the other people obeyed. As Shen Yilan held Yun Shang's hand and stood together with two aunts, Su Ruying quickly ran to Yun Shang and stood next to her side. Luo Qingya glanced at Yun Shang and smiled, then he stood on the other side. The other people also followed the servant's order and took one red thread respectively. Yun Shang secretly cut her finger with the red thread, a drop of blood rolling own along the thread in Yun Shang's hand.

"Have you all chosen a red thread yet?" The servant asked in a low voice.

Everyone responded with a "yes". The servant smiled and said, "I'll send someone to get rid of the mist." Then he ordered some servants to take the prepared braziers into the plum-tree forest. After a short while, the mist disappeared. Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. It shouldn't be a mist. It seemed they just sprayed water in the forest. As it was the coldest time in the Jin City, the wat

ang was about to say a bird name, a loud scream came from afar. Everyone quickly stood up and looked in the direction.

As they were on the second floor of the pavilion, there was a wide view of the surroundings. Yun Shang saw a mess in a small yard in the distance, but she couldn't see clearly what was happening. Yun Shang looked in the direction carefully. According to the servant, there should be four yards in the Princess Palace, a plum blossom garden, an orchid garden, a bamboo garden and a chrysanthemum garden. That yard looked golden, it should be the chrysanthemum garden.

The servant was also stunned for a moment, and then he quickly said, "Don't worry. I'll send someone to see what's happening in the chrysanthemum garden soon. We..."

Before he could finish his sentence, another cry sounded. "Let go of me! You crazy woman!"

The servant, who had been trying to calm himself down a moment ago, changed his face. "It's Her Highness."

Then he rushed downstairs and ran out of the pavilion hurriedly.

All the people in the pavilion looked at each other. Luo Qingyan stood up and said, "Let's go and see what happened."

They all agreed and walked out of the plum garden. Several people who had attended banquets here before were very familiar with the Princess Palace, so they led the others to the chrysanthemum garden.

As they reached the entrance of the chrysanthemum garden, they heard so many different sounds. It was bustling inside, some women screaming, someone comforting and some men cursing. But when they listened carefully, many rude and abusive words came to their ears such as bitch, slut and so on.

They exchanged a look and then walked into the chrysanthemum garden. As soon as they entered, they found that the Eldest Princess's clothes standing there in a mess. Her overcoat had fallen to the ground, and her long dress had been torn. The other woman who was also in a mess was Liu Jin's wife.

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