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   Chapter 571 A Letter From The State Of Ning

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"Sixteen ladies has been chosen into the Imperial Palace. In the latest ten days, His Majesty spent six days in the imperial household, four days with Lady Xiang in the Xiang Zhu Palace and two days with Lady Hui who just got the title. Qian Yin read the letter to Yun Shang who was doing her make-up. She had just got the letter from the Imperial Palace.

After reading the letter, Qian Yin said, "Why does His Majesty ignore these chosen ladies? What is he up to? What if they can't be favored by His Majesty?"

Yun Shang smiled slightly. She looked at the plum blossom hairpin in Qian Zhuo's hand through the mirror and nodded to her. Then she replied, "That's a good thing. As Ning Qian and Lin Youran are being favored while others are being ignored, it will be convenient for the Empress to take action. All the ladies recommended by the Empress have been eliminated. Ning Qian and Lin Youran were favored by the Emperor. Now the Empress has no choice but to draw some of the new ladies over to her side and help them to compete for the Emperor's favor."

Yun Shang shook her head when she saw Qian Zhuo was about to put a tasselled hairpin into her bun. She said, "No need. I don't go out today. It's better to be simple and elegant."

Qian Zhuo nodded in a hurry. Yun Shang continued, "That's why I asked Lin Youran to win the Emperor's favor first. I've sent so many ladies into the Imperial Palace. I asked them to get the Emperor's affection and be our spies in the imperial household. What's more, I hope they could win the trust of the Empress or other concubines and be their allies or even their pawns. Once they get their trust, the Empress and other concubines may ask them to help with somthing. Then they could get the chance to collect the evidences of their crimes, and give them a fatal blow when necessary. "

Hearing this, Qian Yin's eyes flashed with admiration. "Your Highness, you are so wise."

"Come on, don't flatter me." Yun Shang said with a smile, "By the way, your wedding is coming seven days later. Why do you have time to come here instead of preparing your wedding dress?"

Qian Yin blushed and exclaimed, "Your Highness, you just made fun of me. As your Highness's maid, I should be here to serve you."

Qian Zhuo chuckled and said, "Qian Yin has already prepared the wedding dress. I've seen it with Qian Liu yesterday. It's very beautiful. Now Qian Yin is really good at embroidering with her left hand. She has even prepared the groom's wedding robe. I sent it to Luo Yi for her yesterday. Luo Yi was so happy. He couldn't help but run around the yard for twenty laps. "

Yun Shang didn't expect this. Looking at Qian Yin's flushed face, she couldn't help laughing. "The butler said the red words of "wedding", red candlelight and red lanterns are ready. Tomorrow morning, he'll start to decorate, so that the mansion will be filled with joy early."

Qian Yin lowered her head, "Your Highness, it's really thoughtful of you."

Yun Shang smiled for a long time.

Then they stood up.

Luo Qingyan took the Imperial Edict. After a pause, he asked softly, "why did His Majesty exempt me from the punishment suddenly?"

Liu Wenan smiled and said, "His Majesty didn't mean to punish you. The Eldest Princess came to the Imperial Palace yesterday and talked about this matter. She pled with His Majesty for you. Then His Majesty issued the edict immediately."

"The Eldest Princess?" Luo Qingyan frowned, and then said to Liu Wenan with a smile, "please give my thanks to Her Highness."

Smiling, Liu Wenan replied, "His Highness, you'd better come to the Imperial Palace to express your appreciation in person."

Luo Qingyan replied with a "hm". Liu Wenan said goodbye and left the Prince Rui's mansion.

"I thought the Eldest Princess just mentioned it casually that day. I didn't expect that she would plead with His Majesty." Yun Shang smiled.

Luo Qingyan snorted, "No loss to her. If His Majesty agreed, I would owe her a favor. If not, I still should say thanks for her effort."

"The Eldest Princess must have some other intention. Why don't you just go to tell His Majesty about her ambition?" Yun Shang frowned. She hesitated for a moment and then said, "Forget it. You can't do this. It's not appropriate for you to tell His Majesty. Besides, we don't have enough evidence. And we don't know the real relationship between His Majesty and the Eldest Princess. If you tell him rashly, I'm afraid you won't get any benefit but end up in a mess."

However, Luo Qingyan remained silent. After a long time, he replied, "His Majesty is smart. since we could notice that something is wrong, less likely he knows nothing about it."

Yun Shang thought about it for a while and found he has the point. She frowned. If His Majesty has known about it, why does he favor Ning Qian recently? After all, Ning Qian was recommended into the Imperial Palace by the Eldest Princess.

Is it possible that His Majesty is setting a trap? He plans to use Ning Qian as a bite?

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