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   Chapter 567 Get Out Of Danger

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A fierce look flashed in Xia Huanyu's eyes. When he was about to say something, Yun Shang said in a softer tone, "Your majesty, you don't know Why his highness has kept missing the State of Ning, do you?"

Hearing what Yun Shang said, Xia Huanyu raised his eyes and kept silent for a while. Seeing that Yun Shang didn't go on with the topic, he finally asked, "why?"

"The main reason is that in the State of Ning, there was not so much intrigue. Although my parents and brother had some little conflicts in the past, they were very harmonious in general. When he stayed in the State of Ning, his highness could do whatever he likes, fight against the enemy and defend our country. In the State of Ning, even when I went out with only two maids, his highness didn't need to worry about me. But in the State of Xia... " Yun Shang smiled bitterly. "Your Majesty might not know, now when I go out, his highness sends nearly forty secret guards to follow me. And he also forbids me to enter and exit the court without his company."

Hearing that, Xia Huanyu was lost in thought.

Yun Shang continued, "besides, in the State of Ning, his highness at least didn't need to worry about being surrounded by strange people at all times."

Noticing a bit of inquiry in Xia Huanyu's eyes, Yun Shang added with a smile, "his highness dislikes others forcing him to do things he doesn't want to. If someone forces him, I'm afraid he will not accept it."

"All in all, you are jealous." Xia Huanyu sneered.

A mocking smile appeared on Yun Shang's face. "Your Majesty, if his highness falls in love with someone else and insists on living with her, do you think I can stop him?" Although I'm not a good wife, I'm not narrow-minded. "

Xia Huanyu pondered for a while and then said, "I see." Then he waved his hand and said to Liu Wenan, "send Lady Rui back to Prince Rui's mansion."

Yun Shang flashed a smile, and curtsied to Xia Huanyu.

Liu Wenan quickly led Yun Shang out of the Meeting Hall and headed for the palace gate. Liu Wenan walked with his head down while Yun Shang heard him say in a low voice, "Lady Rui, you are a smart person, but you shouldn't have mentioned the empress Hua in front of his majesty. It's a taboo of his majesty."

Yun Shang smiled, "I'm afraid his Majesty wouldn't listen to me carefully if I didn't mention her. It was a kind of helpless action. Treat others as they please. Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you. I thought his majesty knew it very well after she had gone for years."

Hearing that, Liu Wenan stopped. After a while, he continued, "don't worry, Lady Rui. His majesty trusts Prince Rui very much. He won't give anybody any chance to hurt him."

Hearing his words, Yun Shang knew the truth. She was relieved as she felt that Xia Huanyu would do something to save Luo Qingyan's life. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "thank you for your advice, Mr. Liu."

As soon as Yun Shang returned to the mansion, she was surrounded by a crowd. "Your highness, are you alrigh

he shyness of Yun Shang, so he laughed out loud. "Shang'er, you have slept with me for so long, but you are still so shy."

Then he held Yun Shang's hand and whispered, "Would you like to have a rest early with me in such a beautiful night?"

Yun Shang rolled her eyes at Luo Qingyan, "playboy."

Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang in his arms and whispered, "I am grounded at home, and you are not allowed to go out. As the saying goes, husband and wife should share happiness and hardships together."

"Boo, you are grounded, not me. You might not know that there is another old saying, husband and wife are birds in the same forest, but when disaster strikes they fly off in different directions for safety. Yun Shang was pretending to be angry, but her eyes were full of happiness.

"What?" Luo Qingyan raised his eyebrows. "What did you just say? Birds in the same forest? Fly off in different directions?

Yun Shang couldn't help but burst into laughter. "You don't know that? Come on, let me teach you. Husband and wife are birds in the same forest, but when disaster strikes..."

Yun Shang's scream was followed by giggling. Then Yun Shang gasped, "Stop... I was wrong, I was wrong, I will never do it again."

In the room, Luo Qingyan rested his hands on the bed. Yun Shang was lying on the bed, her clothes and hair in a mess. But the smile on her face was bright. People would laugh out when they saw her face. "What? Begging for mercy so soon? How dare you talk nonsense? "

Yun Shang wiped the smiling tears in the corner of her eyes, and quickly said, "Please spare me. I dare not do it again. You are really shameless that you tickled me. You used a dirty tricks. I'm not a patch on you."

"What? Dirty tricks? " Luo Qingyan lifted his hand again and said with a smile, "who's shameless?"

Yun Shang curled herself up and answered, "Me! Me!'

Luo Qingyan looked at Yun Shang and couldn't help laughing. After a while, their laughter filled the room and the servants waiting outside couldn't help but smile.

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