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   Chapter 566 The Argument (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5593

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Yun Shang smiled at their words. It seemed that Luo Qingyan was well prepared. People are the foundation of the country, and people's belief is the belief of the country. People believed Luo Qingyan was a good man and what he did was not wrong. Then it was difficult to convict his crime for others.

While Xia Huanyu was waiting for Yun Shang in the meeting hall, Liu Wenan led Yun Shang to the hall where Xia Huanyu was reading the documents. The sound of the documents being turned was heard clearly. Yun Shang walked to the hall, and when Liu Wenan stood behind Xia Huanyu, she knelt down and bowed. "Your Majesty, I am here."

As if he hadn't heard Yun Shang's voice, Xia Huanyu fixed his eyes on the documents in his hands and didn't even raise his head at her. Yun Shang didn't hear Xia Huanyu's voice after a long time. She didn't seem anxious at all. She lied on the ground quietly, thinking that perhaps Xia Huanyu was still in the mood to ignore her, and that his highness' situation wasn't as bad as Yun Shang had imagined.

About an hour later, Yun Shang heard Liu Wenan coughing slightly as a reminder to Xia Huanyu that she was still here. After a short pause, Xia Huanyu asked in surprise, "Lady Rui, you are already here? Just now, I was looking at the documents, so I didn't see you there. Why didn't Liu Wenan remind me?'. Get up, Lady Rui."

Yun Shang had a mild smile on her face and said, "thanks, your majesty." Yun Shang looked up, but still knelt on the ground.

Xia Huanyu didn't ask her to stand up again. He lowered his eyes and kept silent for a long time. It was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry from his voice. "Lady Rui, yo

us look in Xia Huanyu's eyes. She knew that he valued Luo Qingyan much more than she thought. After all, Luo Qingyan was the child of the woman who once was his favorite. Perhaps he did not show too much care before this incident, as Xia Huanyu thought that he did this to protect Luo Qingyan.

Thinking of this, Yun Shang lifted the corners of her mouth and smiled. "What did your majesty feel when the emperor Hua left? Perhaps in retrospect, his Majesty would know Prince Rui's choice. By the way, I have to remind you, your majesty, I'm just a princess in the state of Ning. In the past, I called his highness uncle. Prince Rui, who was loved and doted on by the people of the state of Ning. He held such a high position as the Prince Jing not because he was the sworn son of the late emperor of the state of Ning, but because he won his title with his own blood little by little in the battlefield. Even if I'm dead, he can still be prince Jing in the State of Ning. When we left the state of Ning, father said that if one day his highness wants to go back, he will always be prince Jing in the State of Ning. "

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