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   Chapter 565 The Argument (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5833

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As soon as Yun Shang and Luo Qingyan entered the yard together, they saw Qian Yin standing at the gate waiting for them. Qian Yin's eyes lit up at the sight of Yun Shang and Luo Qingyan. Qian Yin ran to them and looked at Luo Qingyan up and down. Then she asked with a puzzled look, "his highness don't look like he is drunk, your highness."

Yun Shang smiled and said, "But still bring the sober up soup for him. Drinking too much is bad for his health. Even if his highness is not drunk, he should still drink some soup."

Qian Yin did as Yun Shang ordered.

After Luo Qingyan and Yun Shang entered the room together, Yun Shang turned around and helped Luo Qingyan unbutton his coat and take it off. Then she ordered Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo to prepare hot water for him to wash himself.

Seeing that Yun Shang was still yawning, Luo Qingyan hurriedly said, "it's almost midnight. Go to bed early and don't wait on me. I'll be fine by myself."

Yun Shang thought for a while and nodded her head. She asked a maid to help her change her clothes. Then she took off her shoes and socks directly and lay on bed. She fell asleep before Luo Qingyan even came out of the bathroom.

When Yun Shang woke up, Luo Qingyan was nowhere to be found. Seeing that Yun Shang was awake, Qian Yin hurriedly went to the bed and asked softly, "Your Highness, are you getting up?"

Yun Shang nodded her head.

Qian Yin asked Qian Liu to prepare water for Yun Shang to wash herself and ordered Qian Zhuo

to help her with her clothes. Yun Shang yawned and sat up, somewhat dazed. "Has Prince Rui gone to the morning court?"

Qian Yin glanced at Yun Shang and answered, "I don't know. But early this morning, there are many Fuya's men guarding outside

someone might do something bad to you because of the rumors outside, so he asked me to bring some guards to pick your highness up. Would you please come with me, your highness?" Liu Wenan smiled broadly and kept observing Yun Shang in secret.

Qian Liu and Qian Zhuo said yes. Qian Yin meditated for a moment and then nodded her head to Yun Shang. Yun Shang turned around and left the mansion with Liu Wenan. The carriage stopped at the gate of the mansion. Yun Shang didn't expect that what Liu Wenan said was true. There were many people outside the mansion, both men and women. Seeing Yun Shang walk out of the mansion, they started to gossip. Yun Shang paused, and got on the carriage unhurriedly.

From time to time, Yun Shang heard discussions outside the carriage. They were all talking about what had happened in the Long Feng Tower yesterday. Yun Shang listened carefully for a while and found that most of the words were compliments. It was said that the prince Rui was so affectionate that they all felt very lucky on lady Rui's behalf for having someone who loved her so much. A woman even said bluntly that she hoped to marry a man like Prince Rui.

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