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   Chapter 563 Being Drunk In The Long Feng Tower (Part Two)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 5552

Updated: 2020-03-15 00:24

The Butler nodded his head and said, "yes, but Lord Hua Guo is not the only one who was having dinner with his highness today. There are many other honorable guests like the seventh prince, Mister Liu."

"What happened? You mentionned a man's life was involved? Where is his highness right now? " Yun Shang didn't even have her hair done in a bun as they were in the room, and she only wore a tunic. So, while gesturing for Qian Zhuo to help her change her clothes, Yun Shang asked the butler.

The Butler quickly answered, "I don't know much about it, but I heard from the shadow guards that his highness was drunk, and it was because of a woman. He's still in the Long Feng Tower now. I heard that the Ministry of Justice has also gotten the news."

Yun Shang frowned and thought, 'Because of a woman?'

After getting dressed, Yun Shang ordered Qian Yin who came in a hurry, "where is my sober up pill? Take some for me, and have someone prepare the soup for his highness. I'll take his highness back. "

Qian Yin replied yes. Then Yun Shang took the Butler, Qian Liu, Qian Zhuo and several guards with her to the Long Feng Tower. The gate of the Long Feng Tower was closed, but there was light

and they could hear someone talking inside.

The Butler hurried forward and knocked on the door. After a long time, someone came to open the door, but there was only a small gap in the door. Looking out through the crack, the Butler took out his jade badge and said, "Lady Rui is here, open the door."

That man opened the door immediately, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know it's your highness." His eyes were fixed on Yun Shang for a long time.

Yun Sh

words to her. Besides, since she came to the state of Xia, she often went to the Lord Hua Guo's mansion. She knew that Lord Hua Guo seldom talked to her, but he would never said something like that to her.

Yun Shang's eyes ran down everyone's face. She realized that things were not as simple as she had imagined.

There was a slight move on the palm of Yun Shang's hand. A surprised look flashed through her eyes, but it quickly disappeared. She looked down at Luo Qingyan in her arms. He was apparently pretending to be drunk right now.

Did he just pretend to get drunk and kill someone?

The doubt in Yun Shang's heart grew more severe. She hesitated for a long time before she said, "I don't know what happened today. But the news alarmed the Ministry of Justice. It must be a big deal. But Prince Rui is so drunk now. Even his majesty is here, I'm afraid it is impossible for his highness to cooperate with the investigation. Let me take him back to the Prince Rui's mansion to wake up. And tomorrow I'll ask his highness to go to the emperor to make an apology himself. What do you think? "

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