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   Chapter 555 Lady Shu Failed

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What? Yun Shang raised her eyebrows in surprise. She had seen people try every means to prove their innocence, but she had never seen someone who was this eager to admit her guilt before the truth was even proved. Lady Shu had been controlling the rest of the matter. She knew very well that whether the so-called evidence was true or fake. There was no need for lady Shu to take all the responsibilities so easily.

But what Xia Huanyu had said just now sounded a bit threatening. It was too unreasonable to threaten lady Shu with her child.

The empress kept silent and looked coldly at Lady Shu. She was quite pleased with herself.

In this case, the greatest beneficiary of the whole matter was the empress. Although she did not expect the final result, it was also her last choice to cooperate with Lady Shu. Lady Shu and her were not good friends. They must weigh the pros and cons for a long time. If lady Shu did not get any benefits, she was afraid that she would not cooperate with her. During the nearly twenty years of fighting with Lady Shu, the empress had been wishing that lady Shu could die at any moment. Now she was watching the fight from a high place as Lady Shu was about to lose, and her wish was finally realized. She could not be happier as long as she got what she wanted.

"Lady Shu is in poor health. You take her back to the Shuya Palace first." Said Xia Huanyu lightly with a frown on his face.

The maids who were standing by the side answered yes and quickly went to lady Shu. Lady Shu snorted coldly and waved her hand. "Of course I will go. There is no need for you to hold me."

Then she turned around and stopped. She pondered for a while and turned around to look at the empress. When she saw the expression of the empress, she raised her lips slightly and bowed to the empress. Her voice was very soft. "I'm here to congratulate the empress. After I lose my life, nobody in the imperial household dares to say anything to the empress."

Yun Shang was alarmed and immediately knew what had happened. She looked up at Xia Huanyu, and the latter's eyes darkened at Lady Shu's words. He turned to look at the empress. He stared at the empress for a while before he looked away.

Lady Shu was really something. She seduced Xia Huanyu with the affectionate love of the husband at first, and then told Xia Huanyu clearly that she did not have the family as the backer, which would not pose a threat to his status, and there would be no means for her clan to take charge of the whole country. While the empress was the opposite. Then she went deep into the plan, but still failed. She wanted to make it clear to Xia Huanyu that if lady Shu was gone, the empress would be the only one who owned the imperial household.

Lady Shu was so smart because she clearly understood what had happened and what had great advantages beyond Xia Huanyu's expectation.

The empress was too proud to say anything. Hearing lady Shu's words, she just sat there, smiled at her and said nothing.

Lady Shu smiled coldly, turned around and walked out of the meeting hall in ease.

Xia Huanyu kept silent for a long time and did not speak a word.

An eunuch pushed open the door of the meeting

lmed herself down. She knew that if she flinched now, it would be hard for her to achieve her goal.

"It's not enough time for me and Prince Rui to come to the Jin city. Our foundation is unstable, and we are controlled and schemed. I think this is certainly not what your majesty wants. Even if your majesty wants to test his highness, he should at least be placed at the same starting point with others. We can't be too different if we are at the same starting point. If the disparity was too huge, his highness would be really in danger. I didn't ask you to be partial to his highness wherever he went. We would do whatever we could to help him. But it would be great if your Majesty would like to help us. " Yun Shang said calmly, with determination in her eyes.

Xia Huanyu looked down at the girl in the palace. Despite his indifference on the face, he showed admiration in his eyes. He kept silent for a long time before he sat down and said flatly, "it's almost ten o'clock p.m. Prince Rui has been waiting outside the palace for a long time. You should go back home with him."

Hearing this, Yun Shang's heart trembled. She couldn't help but smile. She bowed to Xia Huanyu and said, "I'll leave now." Then she stood up hurriedly and walked out as soon as the servant opened the door.

Luo Qingyan was indeed waiting at the foot of the steps outside the hall, with his back to the meeting hall, as if looking up at the sky. Yun Shang also raised her head. It was almost fifteenth. The moon in the night sky was round and only a small piece of the sky hadn't been filled. The soft moonlight poured down and shined softly on Luo Qingyan.

Luo Qingyan seemed to have noticed Yun Shang's gaze. He paused and turned around to look at Yun Shang.

Yun Shang saw the man in cyan smile at her, and his voice was so soft that it was not like words. "What are you looking at as if absorbed in it? What? It's late. It's time to go home. "

Tears welled up in Yun Shang's eyes. But she quickly pulled out a bright smile and said with a smile, "Okay, we're going home."

She was afraid that he would be the only person in her eyes all her life.

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