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   Chapter 551 Narrowly Escape From Death

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Yun Shang squinted her eyes for a long time before she carefully crouched down and put her hands on the quilt. She also did not find anything unusual. Then someone started to walk towards her. It seemed that the person was coming this way. Yun Shang paused for a second and made sure that it was not Luo Qingyan. She thought about it for a while and then sat down again to pretend to take a nap. Then she walked away from the quilt, but with a little more distance away, she looked as if she was leaning on the quilt.

The footsteps drew closer but were more light. Yun Shang had a sensitive ear, so she could hear it clearly. The footsteps stopped next to her cell and were about three steps from it.

Yun Shang thought about it for a while. She had also checked her surroundings before coming here. It was empty, and Luo Qingyan had swaggered in just now. If there was anyone, he wouldn't have said those words.

It was just then that Yun Shang smelled a faint peach blossom fragrance. She held her breath, but she kept listening around. She heard that the man seemed to move two steps towards her prison. After a long time, the person finally left.

After the man left, Yun Shang quickly opened her eyes and took out a small bottle from her waist. She poured some pills from the bottle and took a quick breath. The air was still filled with a faint peach blossom fragrance. Yun Shang walked to the iron bar and looked over, and saw a few incenses on the ground, rising smoke.

It seemed what Luo Qingyan worried about was not groundless worry. Someone really wanted to take advantage of her being still in jail to put her to death.

Yun Shang stood up and pondered for a moment. Then she lifted the quilt and ripped a hole open in it. She grabbed the cotton pad inside. Then she suddenly froze and quickly moved two steps back.

A small grey green bug emerged from the thick batt, but it only stuck its head out and went back. A feeling of nausea overwhelmed Yun Shang. She frowned, and thought for a long time. Then she raised her hand and put her finger in her mouth. She bit it hard, and the blood came out. In a hurry, she dropped the blood on the quilt, five or six drops in succession.

After that, Yun Shang took a few steps back and her eyes tightly locked on the quilt. After a while, she saw several gray green insects emerged from the bloody place on the quilt and spiraled around the blood stains. Soon, more and more insects climbed up. They looked about thirty to forty of them and covered the quilt.

Yun Shang took two steps back, her hairs standing on end.

She knew it because it was called leech. It was commonly seen in the lake and in the pond. Even though it didn't look very impressive, it was also extremely ferocious, which would suck people's blood. Every time it absorbed blood, it would enter human body and scurried back and

ought for a while and nodded his head at her. He agreed with Yun Shang and took her back to the prison.

When they walked to the cell, they saw a faint figure in it. The guards took a step back to protect Yun Shang and waited for a chance. More than a dozen people surrounded the cell tightly.

Yun Shang saw that they were all surprised when they saw the man in the prison. The head of the guards frowned and looked at the perplexed man in the prison. He said coldly, "Lin Liu, didn't you say you were going to the toilet? Why are you here? "

Slowly, Yun Shang walked from the side to the outside of the cell. She looked inside and saw that the little beard guard standing there, with a quilt that she had just leaned on, and the ground was covered by leeches.

Yun Shang sneered and snapped, "it turned out that you wanted to kill me. I have no animosity against you. Someone must have instigated you to do so. Who is it?"

The guard with mustache stood still and said nothing with a stiff face.

Yun Shang turned to the head of the guards and said, "this guard wants to hurt me. Please go and get him to the meeting hall. I'm afraid this has something to do with my being framed."

The leader of the guards was silent for a long time before he nodded, "come and tie Lin Liu up."

Then some guards opened the door and tied the man up. Yun Shang said, "the bed and quilt are evidences. Take them with you."

The head of the group of guards silently nodded and ordered them to pack the sheets and the quilt covered with leeches and other bugs. Then they went to the meeting hall together.

Xia Huanyu and the empress had been waiting impatiently for a long time. When they saw Yun Shang, the empress snorted coldly. "You're so slow. Your good days are about to be over."

With a slight smile, Yun Shang curtsied to Xia Huanyu and the empress and said in a low voice, "your majesty! Your majesty!"

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