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   Chapter 548 The Plot

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Yun Shang thought carefully and found that this kind of reason seemed ridiculous, but it was the most reasonable one. In the past, she didn't think much about it. She always thought that the empress and Lady Shu were sworn enemies, and that the feud between them might be very difficult to solve. But it never occurred to her that there would be no everlasting friend or enemy in the world, but everlasting interest.

Yun Shang felt it strange when she heard what Huai Ya said. Even if the maid named Huai Ya had drugged Xia Huanyu, lady Shu should be in the palace now, but why didn't she know about it? Liu Wenan was the one that Xia Huanyu trusted. He would never lie to others. If what lady Shu said was true, she had lost consciousness last night and woke up at the end of the bed today. How could he not hear her? The only explanation was that lady Shu had told a lie.

Did the empress and Lady Shu work together to make her admit that she had sent some medicine to the palace? Anyone who charged her with such a crime would only be punished. The empress and Lady Shu would not make a fuss about it. They were plotting something else.

Yun Shang was well prepared that she dared to come in. If she wanted, she could make the so-called evidence of the gold hairpin without any use. But if the empress and Lady Shu still had other filthy ideas, it was not wise for her to show her trump card now.

With this in mind, Yun Shang said gently, "I think the hairpin must have been taken away by someone who knocked into me outside the Wei Yang Palace."

The empress frowned and sighed. "But even if you don't have that gold hairpin, that doesn't mean the maid is lying."

She hesitated before she continued, "the maid said the medicine was put in the hairpin. Why not call for an imperial physician to check if there was any trace of medicine in the hairpin. Is it the same with the one that was put on the emperor's tea cup?"

Yun Shang slightly moved aside her eyelids and thought, 'the medicine has been drugged for such a long time. Why didn't the empress call for a physician to check what kin

into prison, probably for the sole purpose of waiting for Luo Qingyan to break into the prison. If Luo Qingyan was here to break into the prison, they would prove that Yun Shang was forbidden to take drugs into the palace and she also tried to murder Xia Huanyu. Luo Qingyan, who came to break into the prison, must be heavily punished. Even if Luo Qingyan didn't do anything, if she was convicted of this, they could accuse Luo Qingyan of instigation. If Luo Qingyan wanted to be the emperor, it was impossible.

Thinking of that, Yun Shang couldn't help but burst into laughter. The empress and Lady Shu had really made much effort.

Yun Shang couldn't wait to know what more evidence they had.

"Put me into the jail? With such a hairpin and a stupid maid, I'm afraid it's not appropriate to accuse me." Yun Shang gave a bland smile and said: "this maid, whose name is Huai Ya, works for lady Shu. I just came to the state of Xia and seldom go to the palace. How did I get to know her? Why did she work for me? And everybody knows that the Hanshi Drug is a banned drug and it is very difficult to buy in the ordinary people. How did I get this kind of drug? Besides, I've never seen Miss Qing Ming in person since that night. Why should I... help her? Why are you so anxious to declare my guilty when the so-called evidences are full of doubts? Wouldn't it be a joke if anyone else knows about it?"

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