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   Chapter 547 Framing

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Yun Shang was astonished. "Me?" Yun Shang smiled and let out a small sigh, "it's a puzzling charge. I don't know any servant named Huai Ya. Why did I give her the poison? I don't know why I have always had such troubles recently. Am I not lucky enough this year? "

The empress smiled and said gently to her, "Well, it doesn't matter. It's not a complicated matter. I will have that Huai Ya here and confront you." After saying that, the empress turned her eyes to look at Xia Huanyu and Lady Shu, who both looked indifferent. The empress sent her maid out of the palace, and soon she went in with a maid following her. The maid must have been punished, too. She was in a difficult position, with her hair tousled, and her face was wet. It was hard to tell whether her face was wet with sweat or tears. She was thrown into the palace by the guards, but her legs trembled badly and she suddenly knelt on the ground because she couldn't stand.

The empress looked calm and said calmly, "you said Lady Rui gave the drug to you earlier, but now Lady Rui is here. Just tell her when and where Lady Rui gave it to you."

The maid raised her eyes and glanced around the hall. Then she fixed her eyes on Yun Shang. She stared blankly at Yun Shang for a while, and burst into tears all of a sudden. "Your Highness, help me, help me. I've done everything according to your highness' instructions. Your highness, please help me."

What a good show! Yun Shang looked at her painful face and frowned. "Help you? I've never seen you before, but you framed me up. Why should I save you? "

Hearing this, the maid was stunned, and her eyes were filled with disbelief. After a long time, she said, "Your Highness, you can't leave me in the lurch. I've handled everything for you."

"Since you insist that you have done what I asked, I want to ask you a few questions in front of everyone. Would you like to answer me?" Yun Shang stood quietly and her eyes were calm as well.

Hearing this, the maid called Huai Ya nodded her head quickly and said, "go ahead, your highness."

Yun Shang smiled and whispered, "you said the drug was given by me and I have instructed you to do something, but then I'd like to ask you when and where I gave the drug to you and what I've told you."

Hearing these two questions, Huai Ya replied without hesitation, "Your Highness gave the medicine to me under a osmanthus tree beside the imperial garden yesterday at 2 p.m. and asked me to put the medicine on the goblet of his majesty when his majesty came to the Shuya palace. Your highness also asked me to go to the side hall and tell Miss Qing Ming about it, and she will know what to do. After I followed your orders and did all these things, I went to serve outside the hall. But I don't know what happened inside the hall. "

Yun Shang nodded her head slightly. Three days ago, in the afternoon. She recalled what she had done at that time that day. It must be on the way from the Xiang Zhu Palace to the Wei Yang Palace. She did have to pass the imperial garden at that time. Presu

hollow in the middle? Yun Shang raised her eyebrows in surprise. She didn't know that her purple jade hairpin was hollowed out. If it was, then Qian Shui would also tell her about it. Someone had changed Yun Shang's hairpin especially for today's event.

"Shang'er, is this your hairpin?" The empress turned to Yun Shang with a frown on her face.

Yun Shang hurriedly turned around and shook her head, "my hairpin is not hollowed out."

"Really?" The empress thought for a while and said, "in that case, shang'er, you may as well take your hairpin out, and the truth will come to light."

Yun Shang froze and her eyes darkened after hearing her words. This gold-shaped hairpin was made especially for her by the Qianshui Pavilion. Although she didn't know whether the maid named Huai Ya had taken it from her, she couldn't give the hairpin to her in any case now.

Yun Shang meditated for a moment and slowly said, "my hairpin is not hollowed out, but my purple jade gold hairpin is also missing. We didn't see each other the day before yesterday. I was hit by a maid near the Wei Yang Palace. I was also suspicious that I lost it, so I called someone back to search. The guards at the gate of the palace can prove it."

The empress frowned at her words. "So you mean Lady Rui doesn't have that purple jade hairpin right now?"

"No, I didn't..." Yun Shang said calmly. In fact, she wasn't in a hurry at all. In her mind, the empress had told her that the maid would point out that she was the one who sent the medicine to the emperor, and it was enough for her to deny. The empress would do everything she could to frame lady Shu, saying that lady Shu was the real one who poisoned the emperor.

Yun Shang gave a brittle laugh. It was a normal case at the beginning, but it seemed to go further and further. All the evidences were pointing to her instead.

Yun Shang looked up at Lady Shu and the empress, and had a bold guess in her mind. Was it possible that the two of them had cooperated with each other to get rid of her?

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